WTS 120k unbuffed, hybrid, Legacy N4 Dh

Demon Hunter
Definitively quitting, just do not have the time. Make me some offers on my things and we will discuss it.

Not looking for gold what so ever.

Will not consider low-ball offers on any of my LN4 items, I know exactly how good they are, will be in 1.05, and will be in 1.1 -- I would also prefer to sell as a set.

Contact me here or in game. Thanks.

Decided to make life easier:

Here are some base prices that I posted on the Rmah, make a fair offer against and I can repost it.

Quiver: 15.00 on RMAH
Bracer: 20.00 on RMAH
Legacy Inna's Blessing: 20.00
Xbow: 50.00
Leg: 10.00
Glove: 35.00
Ring: 35.00
Neck: 75.00
Shoulder: 10.00
Legacy Nat Shadow: 75.00
Legacy Nat Mark: c/o ---
Legacy Nat Soul: c/o ---
Legacy Nat Gaze: c/o 275.00

Feel free to make counter's like I mentioned, I priced everything cheaper than better items on the RMAH. I did not base it vs GAH counterparts, I did not want to invest that much time in this.

But it should make the process easier for anyone who wanted to snag something. Thanks.
top tier LN4 you've got there. wish i had the moolah.
Thanks, I wish you did also!

I really hate to quite, 1.05 looks so good, I just have zero time to invest due to the new job.

Factor in spending almost 10 grand on a engine rebuild, balance & blueprint, turbo kit, and 30-40 other small mods I have a much more worthwhile cash sink.
added you in game, interested in the full set
Solid man.
How much for the gloves?
Xan; make me an offer. I do not have access to the AH to verify prices but I am looking for market minus a bit.

Everything is available. I will rmah it or use vppal, up2u.
new job? a congratulation in this economy! Good luck!

I will leave at that. not enough money to offer any!
Thanks Red, its actually quite a good one at that. I tripled my salary, but with it comes a much greater time investment. Thus is the life of a outside software salesman.
bump for the best ln4 i've seen in a long time. lmk if you have a price in mind for the helm
glws bro, was nice knowing u.

hope the next owner of my former xbow treats it well.
hi interested in helm and boots any c/o?
worthless Natalys set ! 1.05 all 60 + items can roll 63 affixes ! So this means there will be natalys sets whit 63 lvl item affixes like 180dex and 180 vit
my god are u retarded.. its a nats legacy set... u cant find it in game anymore... u can only buy it.....

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