15 Reasons Not To Play A Monk Part II.

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Monks are fine. Just stop it
He plays hardcore, when your character dies, you lose the progress you made on that character.
1) Taking a look at just the names of your chars (which I'm surprised haven't got you banned or something...seriously, just check this guy's profile) I'm not sure if you are just trolling.

2) You haven't passed A1 Inferno.

3) Seriously. What the hell is up with your character names? If I was even to quote one of them on the forums, I'd be eating a permaban.

I've cleared inferno on HC, and done countless runs through act3 inferno. Just doesn't show it anymore because the char died the other night. And I just started SC chars the other week out of boredom. And why is it every argument I get into on forums someone brings up my char names... It's like they have absolutely no argument against what I say and therefore have to bring in something completely irrelevant and off-topic in an attempt to prove me wrong or something.

But since you brought up the topic of my character names, I name them like that because of people like you. I play/listen to death metal and think topics like that are actually funny due to how serious people take them. I love seeing how people react to them. I think people need to chill out for the most part and learn to laugh at everything they can, even if it affects them. i'm Jewish and if I took every Jew joke i've heard seriously I'd be one miserable f\/ck lol.

Anyways, if you look I have 84 people on my friends list, and it continually grows. I very much doubt any one of them would report/ban me.

yeah2...sure bro...your monk is lvl 25 and your equip suck
OP, I suggested this in your first thread, maybe you missed it.

Can you post something like this on EU? Let our voices be heard. Maybe a blue there might respond. Even though chances are slim.

09/30/2012 06:53 AMPosted by BeastMode
Monks are fine. Just stop it

Monk is my main character and they are NOT fine...you stop. As long as we "Monk Community" stay quiet they will never address our class with positive changes...there needs to be an awareness movement so the Blizz Dev team notices that they can't just ignore our class, we wont' go away silently.
lol he can say is fine, cause his eq is already uber~!! 120k damage and 56k hp WTF! i only have around 20% of his damage
09/30/2012 07:08 AMPosted by raidragon
yeah2...sure bro...your monk is lvl 25 and your equip suck

HC = hardcore

Yes it has been very hard work for us to play monk while seeing the firepower of Wiz/DH and tankiness of Barbs until I finally managed to get some legendary gear and good legendary drops. Only after my gear upgrade to LOH of 1844 and 2.32 hit per second, I managed to tank A3 elite packs and even clear them on my own even with molten/poison except for arcane. But very tiring cos I have to click my mouse very quickly. I still have more to upgrade because I haven't invested on any crit gear.

I believe it has been especially hard for us because our gear is REALLY EXPENSIVE on AH. Why are the prices on AH so unbalanced? Is it because of drop rates for Int and Str items higher than Dex? I constantly find good Int and Str items but they're so cheap on AH so I just junk them!

7) Our gear sucks. Not just for the obvious "we need to stack an extra stat compared to other classes" argument, but also - just take a look at our sets. I mean, compare them to the Barb, WD or DH set in terms of awesome stuff.

Why do we have a 0.33 increase to spirit regen while other classes get 2-10x more than us, and us being probably the most resource starved class of them all (since the WD buff)?

Yes, Wizard sets suck too, but they are the second most common class for a reason.Actually most monks I've seen wear the DH set instead. Which is really really lame.

Love my monk because i put in the time to make him good.
+1 again
A Barb chiming in here to say that the OP is absolutely right in every way. I planned to have my Monk be my secondary toon (I think I just like melee classes the best) but every time I switch from my Barb to my Monk, within about 10 seconds I realize just how broken (and not in a good way) the Monk is.

The next patch should just be called 1.0.6.: The Monk Finally Gets Fixed Edition.
09/30/2012 08:01 AMPosted by Ballzy
Love my monk because i put in the time to make him good.

Your Monk does indeed seem pretty awesome. Although, a Monk needing a shield just seems wrong to me. But hey, to each his own! Props for making the best of what you had to work with.

I think the OP and others understand that if you have great gear, any class can be good. But the question is; which class has the biggest gear check? My money is on the Monk, although I could be wrong about that. It just seems that with my Barb, that even with mediocre gear, my skills can make up for a lot of "chinks in the armor". I do not feel that way about my Monk.
+1 to the OP. My first 60 was a monk and I ran into the same glass ceiling your raging against now. I couldn't afford better gear and I couldn't get the drops. I was walled into A1 farming because on skill alone you can't get to the A2 bosses. There's a mandatory AR of 800+ and 500 to 1000 LoH. If your gear doesn't meet those basic requirements you'll never see the end of A2 alone. I rerolled a wizard and facerolled A1, A2, A3, and A4 before the CM/WW nerfs.

I feel your nerfbat pain my monk brother and sisters. Bliz is taking away all Twister and Meteor builds from 99% of our player base. It's only useable if you can drop 2 - 3 bil on IAS/CC/Int/AR/Armor gear. Our baseline attacks per second must reach or exceed 2.5 or we can't proc enough to survive MP3, and our best build, Archon, is trash after MP4 unless you can get to... gasp... 300k+ dps for MP5. Let's just pretend the rest doesn't exist because we'll never see it with Archon builds.

The one note I have to say is at least your break point is 50k dps... ours is 100k to 150k dps for Archon, which caps out at MP4.

My LOH is 300+ and I do just fine thank you.
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