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Please remove my authenticator i did it already through my account but the game still keeps asking ...
why would yall remove your authenticators?
11/01/2012 05:16 AMPosted by Zentari
why would yall remove your authenticators?

I just want it to ask every week instead of every login, or the site to ask me every 30 days instead of every login.

Something's wrong with their backend.
I got this problem too, please fix it for me thanks ^^
hi i have the same issue . i already removed Authenticator from the . however during the diablo3 log in page..i still need to use Authenticator..pls Help!
I'm having the same problem. I tried to change my password as suggested, but now it is saying incorrect login information, and when I use the old password, it's still asking me for an authenticator.
I am having this problem as well... can someone help?
I'm having this issue also, removed authenticator to update phones ROM, tried to change password but it didn't work tried to re-add the authenticator and the same result.

Edit: Changed my password and now the Battlenet website works fine and doesn't ask for an authenticator but the game thinks I have my old password and wants an authenticator code.

Edit#2: Spoke to a nice CS dude on the phone, he got me to delete the folder in C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment and that fixed it up. He sent me a mail to post here hope it helps someone out :)

" As discussed with you, simply removing the following folder should resolve this issue, where the Authenticator is still asked for in the game even after being removed:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\
Windows Vista and 7: C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\

If this does not resolve the issue then you would need to delete the following from the World of Warcraft folder:
Hi, I have also removed authenticator for in-game login.. but sometimes I am still prompted for Authenticator.. pls help..
Bump for resolution ^^
ChismoSF, that didn't work for me :(. It still keeps asking for my authenticator...
Nobody's helping ?
I remove the folder and it did not work.
Anyone have a better way ?

Edit: oh... weekends off ><
Guess i have to wait till monday :(
hi omrakos, can you help me remove my mobile authenticator and update my password change? thx
I have the same problem. I have already removed the mobile authenticator but still being prompt when i tried to log in to the game.
I have also reset the password, but only can log in the game using the old password.

Please help me reset my account.
Everyone prior to this post in this thread should have had their logging in issue resolved via account resets.
same problem here, please do what you can? :( thank you

The account's been reset. Please give it another try.
edit: I've solved it.. I've used password recover instead!
Hi. Extremely sorry to trouble you but it would appear that i am facing the same problem. I would really appreciate it if you could help me to reset. Thanks!

The account has been reset, please try it again.

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