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Just FYI post, since the search is broken for this item and a couple of people I spoke to today couldn't do it.

Here's what you do:

1. set the search form to use Armor, and Any Armor Type. Don't set it to ring, that would be mistake number one.

2. do not type stone of jordan into the unique field name. That would be error number two.

3. instead, in the pulldowns, choose "Bonus to Elites" and set that to 20. That should filter now only to Stone of Jordan of all types.

4. In the next field, select the skill type you are interested in. Monk: Fists of Thunder for instance. Don't put a value in.

You will now get a list of only Fists of Thunder stones of Jordan. By changing the skill search you can narrow it down to the type of stone that interests you.

And honestly, they rock, at least on a monk.

If you want to evaluate what it will do for you, pick the target ring that you intend to remove, and write your DPS down with it on. Remove the ring and write down the DPS with it off. The higher number divided by the lower number will be the % buff that that ring brings to your build. Easy to just be practical about it like this instead of trying to analyze the various bits and pieces.

For a monk ring, I would add about 1.5% for the elemental section, then add your attack buff to the damage buff to elites. So in the case of a 20/7 ring, you'd have 28.5 buff to your damage. If this is better than the old ring, then you're in better shape, vs. elites. Maybe worse vs. non-elites. Maybe better, depending on what you had for a ring.

I replaced a trifecta with this ring and never looked back. Other people think it's a toy. I think the text on the ring addresses that.

In terms of the monk specific stuff, losing crit chance means "less tornados" but gaining overall damage buff also means more powerful tornados. So I think overall this is going to be an OK metric as a rule of thumb.
Quite helpful, but not all skills are available for search.

You can't search for a hungering arrow SOJ, so you will have to browse all pages...
well you can filter for max mana or w/e, this way you are only getting rings for your class
Quite helpful, but not all skills are available for search.

You can't search for a hungering arrow SOJ, so you will have to browse all pages...

Currently also looking to upgrade my SoJ, and only 45+++ pages to browse through. For the love of God PLEASE add all possible skills on a SoJ as searchfields in de AH, this is not only tedious, it's just completely retarded to have to manually browse 1000's of items.
Trying to sell one on AH and it's very difficult to search for skills that are not listed, like Tempest Rush.

Anyone's opinion as to what Gold AH price range they believe these stats on a SOJ should be listed at:

Increases critical hit chance of Tempest Rush by 6%
6% Holy
26% vs Elites
1.8 S-ReGen
Mentok has a constantly updating list of SOJ for all classes, with contact info check it out

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