Lost Item in getting achievement "Naked Lust"

Bug Report

i hope this is the right place for the problem i encountered.
I tried to get the achievement "Naked Lust"; there you have to kill Cydaea naked.
I got her down to 5% and then took off my set.
Unfortunately I didn't put my chest into my inventory, i dropped it.
At that moment I got killed by her and I had no chance to pick it up.
Reentering reloads the area and it was gone.
I bought the lost item today in RMAH and it was quite expensive.
Is this a bug, can you help me or made I a very big mistake and have to live with the consequence?
Sorry for my bad english, i am german!
Its not a bug, my fellow achievement hunter. That armor is gone.
I was trying to get Naked Lust Achievement and had her down to a sliver of life and went to corner to take off armor. Storm Crow Helm, Tal Rasha's Amulet(Vitality Flawless Star), Zunimassa's Pox and Morrow with 3 Flawless Star Topaz and a Flawless Star Emerald, Tasker and Theo and a Vile Ward. If the little spider had not killed me, I would have taken it all off. I thought at respawn I would be able to pick it back up, but it was not there! Please help! So distressed.

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