PTR in Cheap Monk Gear

Hi All.
Just here to give a little review of 1.05 with pretty cheap Monk Gear.
I brought my Tank build Monk to 1.05 and started at Monster Power 3 (MP) While I could kill the monsters pretty easy, I found the bosses took a bit longer.
The monster hps seemed alot higher but the damage dealt to me didnt seem to be much more.
I found some of the Elites to be just as easy as they were in 1.04 just a lil longer to kill them all off.
It took me about 7 mins. to kill Skeleton King but as I said, I dont have Super Elite gear.
I really enjoy new Monster Power idea !! Its a great Idea for Players to enjoy the game and challenge them to achieve new levels, Gear, Build Ideas Etc.
I went thru act 1 in MP-3, then I changed to MP-2 and did a little gear changing and found that I killed monsters just as fast if not faster than I did in 1.04.
As promised by Blizzard, the drops are there, I found Legendary drops in act 1 on the MP-3 game and the MP-2 game.
I know that the new "Monster Power" Idea will have me doin my best to achieve MP-10 !!
One thing I would like to see in this new patch is a "Gamble" idea for Legendary drops that are not Char. wearable.
For instance, I have found 3 barb Leg. belts and a Wizard Leg. Helm. I cant use them and they probably wont sell on A.H. so they wind up sitting in my bank, or I sell them to the Vendor.
What would be neat is a "Gamble" person that would trade and give you, Better (1-5 chance)
Same value (1-2 chance) or would say he "Cant do a Damn thing with it" and give you the amount of gold it says it sells for. Once you decide to Gamble it, You cannot change your mind and take it back. This would be a fun Idea and a chance to get Legendary Char. Class Items for Leg. Items you find that are not your Char. Class.
As far as 1.05 goes, I love it !!
I knew Blizzard would start making some really cool tweeks to the game and I hope that in the future we will see an Expansion with new areas and new Monsters and more really cool items !
*I would LOVE to see the old Ravenfrost ring come back (cannot be frozen) hint hint !!*

U are one of the players who still enjoy playing the game now , a lot have since quitted or went for another game as even with player 10 it's still grinding and farming with no pvp . I think blizz new pvp or some new stages to keep their gamers loyal, a lot of player now can go through act 3 with their eyes close as its the only act for farming and lvling and it gets boring through hundreds of hours walking through the same stages.
JonChan, In reply to your post.
1.05 is available for you to try out. It offers different Monster Power levels (1-10) and is sure to be a challenge to gamers of all levels.
As I read it, Drops are better as the Monster Power increases.
I understand what you mean about countless hours of gameplay for "No Drops" I did the same thing myself, but lets give Blizzard a chance here, this is a new game and they are trying to make it as exciting for a level 1 as a level 60 with 70 paragon. I really like the idea of Monster Power because, once you beat Diablo in Inferno you can choose Monster Power 1 and see if its tuff enuff for ya, If not, you can change quest, choose Monster Power 2 and be challenged a bit more.
In addition to MP, Blizzard has also added "Uber Bosses" which are sure to be a kick in the pants for teams of Players that dare to take the challenge.
as the old saying goes.. "Rome wasnt built in a day" well, neither is a really good game. It takes time and Player input to make an awesome game. But as you can see, Blizzard is listening to Players and working to make this one kickbutt game !!
Just give it a chance.
Oh yea... PVP should be brought back, sorry I forgot to mention that.
But, I think that PVP should only be on those that choose it and not impossed on innocent Players just wanting to trek thru the game.
Kinda takes the fun out of a game if you get killed by 100 PeeKayers when you just trying to get to the next part of the game...
I dont really give a F bout pvp, i play solo all the time anyways. Arena can never come out and it would mean a thing to me. Unless you gain 1 paragon per winning match. :P

Theres 100 paragon level, and 5 chars. Wonder how long it will take me to have all of them at 100? :P
I never was a PVP'er myself, but some in the game enjoy it.
I see nothing wrong with PVP as long as it doesnt disrupt others gameplay.
Second day of PTR.
I switched out some gear and killed Diablo in MP-5 pretty fast & easily.
Im finding that boosting your Crit. Chance & Crit. Damage is the way to go for this new patch.
I was at about 900 on resists, so I swapped about 300 resists for 32% Crit. chance & seems to be working very well.
Magic Find gear Im trying to add into the mix but it can be costly.
I still do not have Elite Gear, But Im finding that alot of the Rare Items in 1.05 are stacking Dex. & Vitality way more than they did in 1.04 plus the Critical hit Chance & Damage items seem more abundant so the Rare drops in 1.05 seem to be more focused toward the Player raising Critical Hit chance & damage, Dexterity (damage) and Vitality (Life)
I think that its going to be on each Player to find that "sweet spot" between Magic Find, Life, DPS etc. according to Character Class & how you wish to play.
As I am geared at the moment, Farming MP-6 is a little tuff in Act 4. I can survive pretty well, but I would rather not spend all the money I find in items on getting myself repaired.
Ive also noticed alot more people are finding Legendary and Set Items which is making the Players happy. Lets face it, It sucks to play for 3 weeks & not find one good item.
So far, 1.05 has been more of the Diablo3 I was looking forward to.


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