Which of these two weapons is better?

They are one in each hand of my barb, on my profile (barb is ChaosVoid).
I like the spear better. Better dps and huge loh
Yeah, I'm tending towards the spear.

The thing is, I use a shield, so I'm kinda deciding which to use :P
Well, you can't get LoH or Crit Dmg% on a shield but you can get Crit chance. I would stick with the spear for the high LoH
Thanks, and at how much do you think I can sell the sword?
Purely based off what is available on the AH at the moment I would suggest the spear is worth a minimum of 15 Mil and the sword is a real puzzle, could be 2 Mil, could be 10 - I'll defer to those much more knowledgable than I.
Use the spear.

I'd price the MH @ 9M and OH @ 2M

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