where do you find radiant star plans?

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and so on?
just inferno late acts?
Act 3 Inferno. Don't hold your breath looking for them though. The prices for the plans in the AH have dropped a lot, if you don't want to wait. Or find someone that has the plan you need, ask them to make it for you & simply give them the gems, gold, tombs to cover the cost. How easy is that.
a lot easier :)
I just found my first Jeweller plan today in Act 3, only took 600 hrs to get one lol
Act 3 and above I guess. Never gotten one in a lower Act. Have found roughly 8 or so Jewelry plans so far in Act 3.
Out of all your runs? Ouch. More rare than legendarys?
Definitely, as least from my experience.
Robin's right, they're pretty rare. Mind you they're also blue in colour, so you may have simply overlooked some too!
Don't know what items you guys pick up, but ever since 1.0.4 I've been ignoring blue items.

I thought the same, weird that I hadn't picked up any jewel patterns. Then someone told me they drop and have blue labels like that of magic items. So I started paying attention and reading the blues just briefly. Couple runs later, BAM, Perfect Star Amethyst plan.

Wonder how many I've just walked passed now ...
Yeah i just found a flawless star emerald in act 2.
I pick up all blue items to sell, so i noticed it straight away.

Although i did act 1 about 50 times, and got 0. So i will put my money on they only drop act 2 and up.
Probably act 3 for the one's past flawless.
Whats the highest gem you can find?

Radiant square?
flawless square?
Whats the highest gem you can find?

Radiant square?
flawless square?

Flawless sq
had them drop on Azmo twice - yeah the blue writing sucks as i wonder if i missed any because i ignore blues for the most part.
have found perfect star emerald plans drop on Act 1... out of a chest... this was in 1.03 though, worst part was I didn't have the flawless star plans...
And I found another Perfect Star Ruby plan, damn I found 2 plans overall and both are the same lol
I found a radiant star amethyst in early act 2 a few weeks ago while i was running with a mate (had only just gotten into act 2 at the time) sadly i dont have the other 2 plans before it so at the moment its useless to me =P
i have most of the plans.

i am a plan man.

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