Anyone get by OK without LS or LoH?

Witch Doctor
I don't have any LS or LoH and I do just fine in Act 3. Every trash mob you kill will drop you at least 3 health globes and that is enough for me to heal my HP.

When I fight elites, they drop health globes after you damage them for a while. I just use spirit walk and go in and get em and get back out if I really need to heal.

When I face reflect damage, I let my pets pound on them and use ghost bomb once in a while to drain their HP. If I am below half HP, I just let my pets do most of the work and spam zombie bears whenever I get spirit walk up.

Life orbs are all you need
Check my gear out and I can get by act 3 with minimal deaths. I can add an extra 20k dps with a few pieces I have standing by. But I rather have more hp and dps in the 62k+ . Reflect dmg comes hy I'll just switch to my 900 LoH weapon . Its why I run acid rain or rain of toads. Which ever procs better depending on build.
Sugi...........Didnt know u had a Witch Doctor.
Yeah I just started one because I got bored of the other classes and WD is pretty fun. Many versatile builds that I enjoy.

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