pc chantodo force


I was wondering how much this was worth. Been getting all kinds of reads from the AH and was wondering what a reasonable price would be to sell it for.

Chantodo's Force
79-341 dmg
+81 str
+48 dex
+199 int
+9% atk speed
+15 max arcane power
crit chance 10%
+9% spectral blade dmg

Thanks in advance.
Probably around 150m, it's a nice source. APoC would sky rocket the price. Still good however.
somewhere in the 50mil - 200mil range
prices are all over the place for similar chant forces on the ah (based on actual bids)
good but can be better, damage wise, and would be great if APoC or vit
100m tops. If it had 170 VIT instead of Dex 200m. If it had apoc instead of dex 400m.

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