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We aren't blizzard's employee, and patch will never release if you continue to report bugs.
The precedent patch work without our bug reports, and was release early.
We understand that players are eager for patch 1.0.5 to go live: we are too. Testing is well underway for it, and there’s a lot of great stuff coming just around the corner, including the Infernal Machine Event and the advent of the Monster Power System.

The best possible thing you can do to help us progress is to join in on the PTR, offer your constructive feedback, and submit detailed bug reports about any issues you may experience while playing on the test realm. These reports are incredibly valuable to us, and we greatly appreciate those of you that have taken time to play on the PTR and offer us your ongoing feedback and bug reports.
Open the doors... we are running out of steam.
Is Blizz making a new patch or a new game? What is taking so long!!!!!
10/09/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Vaeflare
We understand that players are eager for patch 1.0.5 to go live

Who says so, i'm a monk and we all hate it
Making changes to the current item stat rolls?? U are just trying to squeeze more money and commission out of us
hi Vaeflare,

Fist let me say i love the patch on ptr and all, but i think this is the problem. Most of us enjoy playing 1.0.5 and to do such we have to play on ptr where nothing carries over and is all for nothing (aside from maybe helping patch come out faster). Then we decide since our time is a waist on ptr in our eyes, We try to go back and play on the live servers 1.0.4 This results in us being overly bored and just want 1.0.5 to come out.

I for one have kinda stopped playing until 1.0.5 is released 1.0.4 seems rather lacking compared to PTR and PTR seems like a big waste of time since i cant even lvl my paragon on live servers.

I understand that PTR is updated weekly on thursdays? I think anyway. So i have to ask with all the bugs in the game in the past and im sure the future (no patch is ever perfect), Why not just bring 1.0.5 live and patch it weekly and or hotfix it as we go on live servers??
Or allow us to carry over our paragon exp gained in ptr?

Any way just a few thoughts i had, Any chance you can tell us about how close to 1.0.5 being live we are? 1 week? 2 weeks? or more? Thanks
Is the ETA still thursday?
Vaeflare, when can we expect the paychecks for our beta testing work

and I ain't just talking about the PTR

In Soviet Russia, you pay company for beta test!
This is so embarrasing Blizzard.... shame on you.
Thank you Vaeflare, we'll continue to help out with the PTR, and reporting bugs so when the official patch is released we can expect utmost of quality. Despite the negative comments on this forum, we really do appreciate all of hard work you guys have put in.

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