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DarkEye #1938 400m WW
can you assist me?
So I'm guessing my Barb will fall under Basic 2 Hander?

What are your thoughts on my build do i need more:
- Attack Speed?
- Resistance?
- Strength? or
- Vitality?

Keen to hear your thoughts

p.s. you'll see I'm using Stomp at the moment, for some reason it's working out better than something like Ignore Pain.

Hey Acrimony,

Can i have some advice on a throw barb? Since i see most of you all are going WW, so am wondering whether you can help me on this. Have about 100m budget and 1 worst prob is i have much wasted stats, i have int in nearly all my items...FYI just started lvling my barb and dont know where to start...thx

at a current 250m savings, should i save for a ik helm with AR or a rare helm with str/vit/soc/cc/ar?
Other than my helm, what would u recco me to buy?

Your gear looks very good. If you're gonna spend it on an IK helm, you're only gaining the melee damage reduction bonus. If I were you, I would continue saving maybe? I can't see a reason why you should spend it on a helm just yet -- bear in mind that you'll gain some resistances, but you won't be able to roll AR and Vitality simultaneously on your IK Helm.

Knowing me, I'd just get Ice Climbers :D[/quote]

thanks for your advice. people like you make the barb community a wonderful place to be!
Hey Acrimony and DBoy. Guess I will chime in here and see if I can get a quick gear check.
I have circa 190M atm. Only just hit 60, and very new to the barb class, so looking for a bit of direction. I've picked up an assortment of items, but mainly stuff I either already had or picked up cheap. Really appreciate any feedback or input :)

Id say So Vanquish, your currnet gear will work.
As for rings you can get some with high str and 4% or more crit chance anything under 4% wont be worth it since 1.05 rings can roll 6%. Amulets are going to be the big thing since they can roll 10% crit chance and 100% crit dmg in the upcoming patch.

What are your thoughts on Sever with its RIP proc for WW barbs and life leech?

Any testing done on this build?


any tips for my barb/build?


My above question got skipped - Please reply ;P
Hello, have got around 300m now, just wondering if it is worth it to get an echoing fury with base crit dmg or should i be upgrading other gears?
Hi Acrimony,

What is the minimum requirement of AR for Barb in 1.05?

I feel that my AR is a bit low at the moment, dropping from 1.1k to 600, I've started to notice a bit of difference.
@lordnazgul, sever wont work in 1.05, maybe the lower Mp lvls, but in the higher Monster levels Monsters have so much health.

@lordGt, unless you are just rich and want one, they are very nice and will increase your dps and Ias. But if your other gear needs work id focus on that first.

@aksio, ive been testing 650 Ar with 6500 armor seems to work fine but the more the better in 1.05 ofcourse if you want to drop Warcry aim for around that.
Hey guys, there are countless other threads available for gear checks. I would like to reserve this thread for people who would genuinely need/want mine and DBoy's help. While I would like to help everyone, I'm no longer responding to requests for gear checks in this thread or via in-game.

Use one of the rating threads or request a gear check via your own thread. Happy farming.
Just about to get started on our first client, Sandstorm. Check out his gear now and memorize it :)

So those who are waiting on me, I will get to you next. Please be patient!
Hey acrimony, I shot you a friend add but forgot to include my Tag number, message should have read "Nashy#1229, 190M, WW". Didn't re-send as I didn't want to spam you. Thanks for your time.
10/04/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Nashy
Hey acrimony, I shot you a friend add but forgot to include my Tag number, message should have read "Nashy#1229, 190M, WW". Didn't re-send as I didn't want to spam you. Thanks for your time.

Yup, I got yours and another guy's friend requests. Just gonna go over the gear and stats tonight and get to you both tomorrow in the morning/afternoon. Just to be clear, I'm organizing so that I can handle a bunch of requests at once. Don't want to conflate a bunch of different gear sets when I want to keep them separate; it'll allow me to portion out the gold given to me and the gear allocated so that everyone gets the right sets :)
If a guy is smart or played enough to get 200 m in the game without using real money. I don't think they need advice. And the joke is its charged at 10% of the budget.

Good luck ripping off rich kids. But stay away from the barb forums if you want to advertise crap imo.

Ps: check out seismic slam guys. It's op :)
Sent you a request.

Will prolly do around 200m
hello there i wanted to know if you could help me with my gear i am willing to buy a set or how ever i need to get up gear up for the upcoming pacth..
Acidburn, you will have to give us some time we are currently working on a 500mill set and a few other 200mill or so but if your serious about getting a set you would need to add one of us and state your budget, and the type of setup your interested in via Ww, Frenzy or 2H build in the description. Then we would have to decide if it is possible to make it efficient or not. We are only aiming to make the best possible sets we dont want to build sets just good enough to "get you by"
ok well to let you know i dont know which set would be better as in 2 handed or 1... but i would like to be able to do mp8-9 and my budget. i could spend like 600m

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