How do so many DHs have Nats+Innas?

Demon Hunter
10/06/2012 12:47 PMPosted by Borat
I've spent about 400 on the RMAH since May.

and thats your gear?...

Long story.

I spent it on 4pc nats and some other nice items then planned to leave for WoW MoP. I multibox that game and so to save cost of buying expansions I liquidated my DH and purchased all 5 MoP upgrades with the proceeds.

Then I quit 1 week into MoP (game sucks for multiboxing, another long story) and came back about a week ago.

What I have on now cost me approximately 80 million.
I haven't spent any money on the RMAH, I sold some items on the RMAH and used the proceeds to either upgrade items or flip it for gold. I don't personally think there's anything wrong with buying stuff off the RMAH but then I wouldnt really have any fun upgrading gear. Plus while the money isn't any concern for me, I work to feed my family pay bills etc, it would feel weird to justify buying D3 items just b/c I make a lot of money.
There are lots of ways to get the gear u need/want for ur DH man. i cant emphasize enough how much planning is involved in this game. If u know how to plan ur build, gear, buying/selling and even farming. You will always come out ahead of the fray. Here is a good way to start:

1) Pick the most comfortable and confident play-style for ur DH (tanky, Balanced, glass cannon)
2) Pick a favorite set of skills on ur spell bar.
3) Pick a main set of gear (Nats legacy, New Nats, Stand alone rares/legendaries)
4) Buy gear specifically for your build and be sure to use a spreadsheet.
5) Don't be lazy when it comes to spreadsheet numbers. Calculate both offense and defense.
6) Make 1 purchase at a time and make it the best one for the Gold that u have.
7) When u sell stuff, base ur pricing on the competition and ALWAYS UNDERCUT!
8) Measure urself by comparing ur gear with geared players and find something cheaper.

Dretar's spreadsheet link:

"Rome wasn't built in a day..."

"Now, how do we eat a 3 ton elephant? We take a piece of it one day at a time...."

Most importantly, stick to ur main, learn everything about it and have fun!

2 cents and out.... =D
10/06/2012 12:24 AMPosted by Korba
also, items drop from the sky

^ Basically sums up D3.

Glad I kept my 4p Nat's set even when I sold my weapon and some of my other items. I came back to play some D3 (with cheap filler items off the gold AH, lol), and playing without 4p Nats would totally suck really bad, lol.
10/06/2012 03:15 PMPosted by Dragus
What I did was...I pked this noob who had some nice gear and stole his gold in batches of 50k. Threw a bunch of ears and white equipment around his dead body and waited to profit.

I remember when I got popped back in the day, felt like dying in real life for a short moment. Just the thought of all those random sea gulls scurrying to grab what they could. Of course no one gave any gear back...
Inna's isn't too expensive. I bought the pants and belts for <100m total; didn't take long to save up. After I bought the pants, I found the (better) ones I'm wearing now.

I also found Nat's cloak (and Nat's weapon, lolz), and snagged my Nat's ring for 100m (way underpriced on the AH).
I spent about $125 in the RMAH to get through inferno the first time. The only thing I am wearing now that I got there, is my xbow. I finally got a lucky drop on some IK boots with a good roll, and was able to upgrade a lot of things on the gold auction house. For me it made much more sense to spend money on the RMAH than to spend countless hours farming. I have a wife, kids, and I make a very good living. It was simply more cost effective to use real money for me than to sacrifice work time, social time, and family time.

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