PC on thing of the deep.

Witch Doctor
I believe a pretty godly roll but can't find comparable on the AH. Any idea how much it's worth?

107-401 dmg
38 dex
233 int
110 max mana
10 mana reg
8.5 crit %
20 yards
1 socket.

Also I wanna know if there are better legendary mojos (different models) out there.
Seems like this is perfect for GI GF.
Aye, that's a bit of a beast. You'll get 50m on a good day for it.

Better is a subjective term, but a well rolled Uhkapian can be pretty incredible for the right build.
Thanks mate!
Actually, I take that back. Aim for the 100m mark - things selling well at the moment.
Thats a really good roll and its worth way more than 100M.

I think this is the best off hand for WD's due to the 20 yards, which allow for a lot of good farming builds that are very quick, but there is also Uhkapian serpent which is clearly a lot better for dps.
20 yds + mana regen + 8% min crit chance is why it's the preferred offhand. Uhkapian doesn't roll mana regen unless you get it on your random roll which puts the price up considerably.

I would put it as 100m with no buyout and see how high it goes. PS I would probably put it on AH over the weekend so you get more views.

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