Demon Hunter
At what dps (wo ss) do you think it is appropriate to drop sharp shooter?? i have around 78k unbuffed with my crit chance gear.... but its so fun having pure massive burst damage when playing in public games.
Normally i say when your crit chance is > 35.

your dps without ss is pretty decent, and if u dun feel that u needed the passive slot for other utility passive (tactical advantage/vengence/brooding etc) you can actually keep on using it.
I stopped using it around 35% crit chance.

It really depends on your gear. If you have high crit damage and low crit chance, you don't want to drop it, for example.
@OP do you mean 52k unbuffed (without SA and Archery)?

IMHO it is skill dependent, as OP stated, I like to see crit burst using Ball Lightning as well as an opener. I used to use it even when I hit 52.5cc with Archery.
But yeah, I swapped it for TA for more utility now since I started using Evasive Fire

Yea sorry i ment without ss

Thanks guys im about 29.5% with my cc gloves just waiting on 1.05 to buy a new quiver which will hopefully bump me up to 37-39%. Was hoping there may be some cheap deadmans with max dis going around.

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