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*The Minor Details*

This first post's intent is come up and gather small ideas that would improve the overall experience of Diablo 3, without shaking up the status quo so much as to require a huge rewrite of the system currently in place. Small ideas which could go a long way if you will.

From the way I see it, the game play of Diablo 3 at it's core is solid, very fun and engaging. BUT I see massive potential for the game to break the mold a be oh so much more. This is my attempt to voice my opinion on how to kick things into overdrive.

Cooperative Games

Right now there is close to zero incentive for the committed player to join a public game, let alone open their game. This stems from a lack of several key elements, first and foremost being a reward for their efforts. Monster health goes up per player, but the amount of loot and exp does not, this end up hurting efficiency, thus they steer away from co-op games.

I've got several ideas that would help motivate people to actually play together and will proceed to outline them herein.

-Scale experience awarded from monsters and elites by 70% to match the increase in health per player.

-Increase the amount of monsters and elites that can spawn in an unexplored area by upwards of 50% per player.

-Increase the maximum amount of loot that can be dropped by any given creature/object by 25-50% per player

-Give players the ability to have their follower join them in co-op once they have completed normal.

While the middle two points may seem a bit excessive, there are frankly few reasons to join a public game. The solo specialist will still be more efficient while playing solo and would give people who want to farm yet keep boredom at arms length a viable alternative.

For the fourth point I have gone slightly in depth on the second post for this idea and more regarding the followers.

Monster Power System & Public Games

This is an attempt to streamline both systems in one fell swoop. As it stands people are still having issues finding games to play in or figuring out how to turn on the monster power system.

-For the monster power system I think instead of turning the option on in the gameplay menu it should be a checkbox inside the quest selection screen, this would make the ability to find it blatantly obvious and much less confusing for those who are new to the system

-Public games should list only the acts and quests with people in them and available slots to join instead of a gigantic roster of empty options, this would cut down on the guess work as there are times when it says there are 700+ people yet not one quest had a listing of open games.

-Monster power and integration with public games, combined with the above change to the system, create a bracket system for public games, people who want to find MP 0 games would find games in the MP0 pool while players who are looking for games in the 1-10 range would be matched for games at their respective levels.

The Auction House

Now here's a fun topic! There are many thoughts going every which possible way on it's impact on the game, but the fact is it's here and it's here to stay, so without further adieu lets spark up a firestorm!

-Implement an auction house lockout on items. This would require items that have been purchased through either of the houses to have a small icon noting that they can no longer be resold on those markets.

The effects of this change are tri-fold.

1: It would reduce inflation from people buying low priced gear and reselling at much higher values
2: This would aid in the gear recycling process by forcing people to reevaluate their 10 listings and making less high end gear trickle down through the system.
3: This would encourage more players to spend less time looking at the auction house trying to make their fortunes and actually farm for gear to sell/use.

Many have been asking for a ladder to reset items and shake up the economy. This approach is not as extreme, but would have similar effects. Currently when a new flavor of the month is picked, any item of modest value is immediately scooped up and marked up for many times it's original value.

Now while you may be asking what's the issue with reselling gear, lets take this example. You find a Pair of shoulders with 180 strength or intelligence, 100 vitality, and 80 all resistance. You've hit the jackpot... Unless you're a dexterity user. Look at the price differences for an item in that range for Str/Int/Dex and you will see there is a lack of "fair" market value and your only real hope is to find an individual whose willing to trade a similar item for your class.

The Lockout would encourage more people to actually farm to find their wealth and help whittle out the mindset of "That items not worth the same as mine because dexterity is worth more on the auction house"
*Expansion and Major Patch Content*

These are the ideas that would take no small effort to implement, either requiring a major patch or an expansion to implement. This is where we really try to shake up the status quo.


Seeing as PVP is in the pipelines I figured we could really tweak the system here. There has been a huge demand from the community for several of these things so I will go in depth on implementing them.

First things first add a button above the quest header that reads "Game Type" the modes would be as follows.

-Campaign: this would be the core of Diablo as it currently resides, short simple to the point.

-Free Roam: This system would be the same as what we had during Diablo 2. No need to talk to NPC's to advance the plot line. Just spawn into a point and let the demons hit the floor. This mode would have all the bosses spawned and all areas unlocked. The exception being you can only "roam" as far as you have progressed in the campaign. This way you actually have to play through the normal game play progression to hop around the acts and various waypoints. The advantages of this system are fairly clear and highly demanded by the community.

-Survival: This would be a wave survival mode which would have 2 variations with each wave getting progressively harder with more monsters and elites, gaining HP and damage per wave. The monsters and elites would drop MUCH less gold and items than the campaign or free roam modes due to the lack of needing to run around and find them.

*10 wave survival: Would take place in act 1, 2, and 3, with several locations sectioned off for the intents and purposes. They would have small objectives which the players would have to finish, like fetching an object for an NPC, taking out a very strong elite, opening a gate to let in reinforcements ect. This would be set in towns, forts, and various other encampments helping the locals defend their turf from the demonic onslaught. Once all the monsters had been wiped out and objectives that may spawn with that wave are completed the players would be allotted 30s to regroup, ID/vend their wares and restock on potions.

*Infinite survival mode: This mode would be that endless dungeon that the community has been clamoring for. This mode would take place in Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. Each wave would last roughly a minute and a half, and would roll into the next. If you failed to mop up the current wave before the next begins things would be just that much harder. The increase in the number of monsters and their damage/HP per wave would be less than 10 wave mode but would become more difficult sooner than a full game of 10 wave would end. There would be no stash or vendor to drop off items, so its take what you can get.

Under this mode you could have 4-5 Siegebreakers' charging you with several Butchers and Lords of fat farting on you at once if you got far enough... Just an endless slaughter to test your metal, You could even add a latter to compare who's gotten the furthest in what time and how many kills & elites they took with them.

*The above listed mode could be affected by the Monster Powers system fairly easily to boot.

-PvP: -PvP: This menu would be dedicated to various types of PvP

*TDM: This is the initially outlined 4v4 kill fest we were told about and would be where your "team" would earn their ranking. This would have two modes, public or clan.

*FFA: 12 people in an all out slug fest, pure carnage.

*CTF: Two teams of 12 fight to capture each others flags.

*Conquest: Straight from battlefield 24v24 taking control of various points to whittle away at the enemies spawn tickets, your various heroes would be your classes :3

Character Select Screen

Vets of Diablo 2 have been dying for a new community hub, and this "new" system would build off of what's currently in game without scrapping the system as a whole.

-Chat window: Move it over to the right side of the screen and make it much bigger, not too hard and would make it little bit easier to follow what's going under heavy conversations/trading/bot spam.

-Add in a character scroll banner at the bottom of the screen that would would display the current player character of people in chat 1 so people can tout their awesomeness to the public.


The Mystic
It was sad to see her scrapped, but it was understandable, BUT seeing as so much work was spent on her dialogue and the models involved in creating her, this seeks to bring her back from the grave and give her purpose once again.

First and foremost she would be able to disenchant gear similar to the blacksmith, but with different reagents from different levels of gear. The purpose of this would be so that she could reroll certain stats on your gear in case its missing that one all important stat, and to add an extra affix to gear that can only come from the mystic herself.

-Rerolling stats: This would be based on the cost of the selected stats pool If you rolled the stat from the highest pool then the cost would have an accordingly higher cost, and have a higher chance of destroying the item in the process. This seems like a risk, but if you want to take that item from almost perfect to perfect there is a price to be paid...

-Mystic Affixes




Lets face it followers are fairly lackluster in many fronts so we aim to remedy that as a whole. They have a good niche role for utility, but their usefulness ends their unfortunately. This portion attempt to expand the followers into more meaningful tools.

First and foremost, rework the system of how follower stats are calculated to have them scale from their gear the same way a player does. The purpose of this becomes more important with a following idea.

Next make your follower capable of joining you in coop games after completion of normal mode. While this may seem trivial it's impact would be welcomed by most of the community. The biggest change this would have is on the group dynamic, if the group is missing a tank now they have the option to use the templar to fill that roll. If the group is melee heavy and lacks ranged damage, they can now have their followers support them. The followers provide excellent supplementary roles as they stand and could be invaluable assets to group play if properly implemented.

The above point would need to be balanced so you could not stack the followers passives for say a chance at 12% crit chance or attack speed.

This portion ties heavily into the paragon system as an added bonus to grinding out those hellish levels.

-At level 60 your follower would gain paragon levels with you, they would no longer auto level and would have to be ground out with your character. They would not be able to out level you in paragon, but would require 1/4th-1/10th the exp to level up.

-At paragon level 25 they would unlock more gear options, along the lines of Chest armor, pants, and boots.

-At level 50 You would now be able to have 2 of your followers join you in a single player game. Your followers would unlock gloves, helms, belts, and bracers.

-At 75 This would also allow 3 followers into your single player game.

-At level 100 Followers would unlock their full potential with a 2 page skill book that would be assigned similar to a players along with a final powerful ability with a 2min CD , They would also gain a small inventory, 4x8 in size.

Some Misc changes.

-The gibbering gemstone when held in your inventory would make the followers as chatty as before 1.0.4

The following would be a really decent idea for an expansion.

-Add in side quests/events to help rescue/assist the classic Diablo 2 heroes in various acts and dungeons. After completion of the events you would be rewarded with the class you assisted as a new companion. These new events would be in offshoot dungeons with their own special, yet challenging tasks, seeing as they are new "weapons" for your arsenal. They would have the same basic set up as the standard followers, but with their iconic abilities.

This would fit in with Diablo 2's theme of reusing the original Diablo heroes as mercenary's, give new incentive to explore the acts, and give the people longing for their old heroes something to get excited about.

*On another note, a CM stated if there was enough demand they would consider expanding on the companions story lines and backgrounds, So I would suggest spreading the word and trying to light a fire under the butt-ox of those who <3 their followers.
*This space is for community ideas and contributions*

I wish they didn't abandon the elemental damage idea in development.

Holy damage should have a small life on hit effect.

Fire should do a small burn effect that lasts 3 seconds and can ignite other monsters.

Poison should add a small dot and reduce damage by a tiny 1-5% percent while it's active.

Lightning should have a small chance to arc to nearby enemies.

Cold should remain as is with the slow effect.

Arcane should have a small chance to generate 1-2 of your class resource.

Physical should have a tiny chance to cause a bleed.

It was quite sad to learn that weapons no longer had unique attributes and I think if you honestly polled most players they would agree it would be a welcome change.

A question was brought up about how to keep Diablo 3 funded once the RMAH's usefulness comes to an end. (which in time without constant expansion/content revisions... It will)

And to this point I devised a decent way to go about this...

Okay simple solution to the monetary issue, avoid having the focal point be the RMAH, instead look to ascetics like MANY other games thrive on. Have a cash shop where you can buy cosmetic features for your characters, some examples being hair and facial alterations like beards for the guys or makeup for the gals. You could have additional things like a halo or horns to match the CE items. Special dyes that can only be purchased in the RMAH, like camo dyes, or just really out there things that normally wouldn't be deemed a necessary element, but could serve as a nice trinket.

Why do I suggest this? Because in games like this I refuse to pay cash to buy power, I earn it through carpel tunnel. However if there are cosmetic things available to buy in a game that just accent your character, then I will thrown down when ever I get the chance. A decent example of this being $60 on Vindictus, and $20 on Planetside 2, yet have not spent a single cent on the RMAH for Diablo 3. There are MANY people who follow a similar philosophy for games like this.

This next ones going to push the cash shot idea to the brink, but if they ever implement the idea of allowing companions into co-op games I think they could take it a step further. Allow you to "hire" the Diablo 2 heroes as companions... $10 a follower, I sure as sin would be grabbing the necro and paladin the second that hits.
I think you have some really good ideas up there. I especially like the idea of additional side quests (more 'game' content), perhaps maybe even side quests for followers like the Neverwinter Nights series. I am definitely in agreement that followers need to have more options available as well as equipment.

Survival mode could be interesting as well.
I really like your idea about the followers, some major balancing and AI improvement would be needed for this though, so I really don't see thins coming before an expansion.

Rewards for MP as it is are high enough. A 4-man group essentially gets 4x the loot and 4x the experience. Meanwhile the monsters only have 3.1x the HP (since 1.0.5 it's only 70% for each extra player). This means that you do get ~30% more loot/xp per monster HP than in single player. A well coordinated group of ppl with roughly equal gear is atm more efficient at farming then an individual. Further boosting the rewards of playing MP games would imo be a really bad thing, since it would make soloing way too ineffective, forcing ppl to play in groups, which a lot of ppl simply don't like to do.
Also even though a lot of ppl dislike the AH as it is (including myself), setting any kind of tread limitation on it would be pretty bad imo. The only thing this would accomplish is promoting other means of player to player trades. Removing the need to go the j2sp and spam the forums with trade offers and requests is one of the best things d3 has done.
Also why would you want the chat to be on the RHS instead of the LHS??????????
+1 Awesome ideas.
Thank you guys for your comments, I really do appreciate them.

@Regenwurm from my understanding when the game was launched the only thing that changed from single player to multiplayer games was the amount of elites. It was stated that monster provide no extra experience per player, and that the amount of loot was also unaffected. With the addition of monster power this ends up hurting public games more than any other change so far. In terms of solo efficiency monster power was actually a massive boost. If you can steamroll through MP7 your returns average out to being far greater than MP0-4. As far as I'm aware nothing has changed in this regard since launch either, and has expanded the gap in the community.

As far as the auction house idea its purpose is to help remove gear from the economy, as it stands items can last indefinitely and this ends up stagnating the economy at some point. Without character wipes with a ladder system the paradigm for power only shifts upward as the average price of gear plummets. Its intent would be to force people to reevaluate what they are holding onto and what they are willing trade/vend. This is the most extreme idea that sits well with few, and I understand why. My view on this is Hardcore has a much more stable economy because items are taken out of the cycle on a daily basis. Whereas in softcore everyday that passes means your loot diminishes in value. I would never expect anyone to take this into consideration, but it's just that, my 2 cents on it
Yeah, you don't get bonus gear yourself from playing multiplayer, but since everyone gets his own loot for killing a single monster, the total amount of loot you get per hour of farming is higher if you play a 4-man game then if all of you would be soloing (since you kill stuff faster then in single player). Exactly the same applies to xp. Since launch blizzard has repeatedly buffed group play by reducing the monster HP and damage in comparison to the unpatched game. I totally agree that public games themselves are in a pretty bad shape, but imo opinion the main problem is the inability to create custom games and decide on who can join and who can't. This means that public games are just littered with leechere and afkres and I don't think that buffing the rewards in would fix that in any way.
I also totally agree that the game kinda misses an item sink, but allowing 1AH trade/item only doesn't really fix this. This would only lead to ppl spamming trade forum/chat with "selling a skorn (I just sniped on the AH for 10M) for 100M..."

I really agree with you that those two things are issues that need to be addressed by blizzard. I just don't think that your proposed ideas would really change anything for better.
I do respect your opinion on it, and I do realise it's not a good solution, but its an idea nonetheless. The entire point of this thread is help build on the game, and try to find solutions for issues already at hand

One way you could have an item sink is to have the mystic reroll certain stats, and the higher the value of the affix would mean a higher chance of destroying the gear. Which I will do in in depth Idea for how to bring her back in the second post along with ideas for the jeweler and blacksmith in the second post.

One of the big things with the followers is when they explained why we could not have them follow us into multiplayer games, and why there are so weak felt very hollow, and left wondering if there was more to it than "It did not fit the vision we had for the game." So thats why the follower post has so much thought dedicated to it.

I will update the 3 main posts with updated information based on the changes to the game as they happen.

From my experience visions on projects can change quite rapidly, from learning how to do 3D modeling in blender for fallout new vegas my projects underwent drastic changes with each pass attempt, altering many tiny and large aspects in the process. Which is what I'm seeing diablo 3 going through, and I figure this post may never make it to a dev/CM, but I do love to brainstorm, its fun to see how far you can attempt to bend a system while keeping it in its present confines. Innovation was never about riding the status quo. :3
Well actually when I played world of warcraft I was in a top 100 world guild, and we were 2nd on our server, main raider mind you. When I played Planetside people ran when our clan showed up to the fights. I've played several MMOs and played in some of the best clans/guilds for games which I was dedicated to.

I don't take kindly to trolls who have nothing to contribute to a discussion and do nothing but mindlessly bash people when the best they can come up with is a half assed generic L2P bash. Point out something that contradicts what I've stated like Regen did, and I will eat humble pie.

Also If you find afkers/leeches use the Vote Kick button, and if it's not working gather the others and make a new game then...

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