Demon Hunter
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i need new jewlery.
@ TBC The only thing i could think of for you is The Witching hour to replace your belt possibly and some gloves with crit chance also included in them. I like your setup tho.

I am trying to get a Witching belt myself at the moment, but unsure of what to go with for a plate or whats steps i need to take to get my dps up besides getting a better bow.
What should I work on next? I"m thinking about Nata's boots with high dex but I'd probably need 50 mil.

Hester, I see you have Inna's Temperance. How are those pants?
Vietpho- cant see your profile.
It looks like you are very rich so it's hard to find something you should change. The only thing that you could change is your quiver to have a quiver with additionnal dommage on hungering arrow.

Decent balance of resists and armor. Get your HP up to about 35 - 40k, and you should have enough eHP to survive at least a hit or 2 more than you can right now which helps a great deal.

I would also suggest that if you can't replace your rings with trifecta, go with +damage, crit damage, crit chance. That should boost your dps more than attack speed + crit damage, as you're using a 2h set up.

Otherwise, pretty good so far.
holy shiet xeno u have a lot of hp but u definetly need dps Dps DPS!!!
Full tank DH's aim for 20k dps, which translates to (451% of weapons damage no kiting whatsoever on any elites) 90k non-SS dps in game. For my intended build, my dps is more than enough.

Not looking to match dps clear speeds. I'm looking to kill fast enough that I don't get bored (elites normally take about 8 seconds) but be able to stand in 5 arcane beams. Take 9 Fallen Maniacs at once. Laugh at 5 Golgors trying to kill me. Etc, etc. I like tanking, not dps. Heh.

(No need for rate, just responding to KoO)

In PTR, I do 621% now, with the buff to Chain from 80 to 125%. I don't find clearing problems at all since that's about 143k non-SS damage.
ah i see, havent played tank dh lolol but thats a shat load of hp nonetheless
Just started my DH and was wondering how I'm doing? Gear upgrades coming in a couple more levels!!
Xenophis - How long does it take you to clear act 3 solo?

About 30 - 40 minutes for all 3 keeps + Ghom, from then on, approximately 45 mins - 1 hour to clear all the way through cores + towers and Azmo.

So on average about 1 hours 30 - 1 hour 45 mins. Max of 2 hours under most time consuming conditions.
have to say it again, just simply amazing. According to Diabloprogress.com, your eHP is double the person ranked number 2.

that is one. sick. dh.
@ PewPew

10/10 for you name alone....

Your gear is great, awesome DPS, AR looks good, work that VIT up a bit and you would be solid. Even though I'm sure you have no problem clearing A3 as you stand now. With Monster Power though I'm sure the eHP will help out!
@ thalos - nice build. Lots of hp, good resists and high dps. I think your the first dh that i've seen with an inna's chest.

@pewpewtiiutiu - thanks for letting me know about the windforce. I got a cheap one without socket and it's so much fun. The attack speed when using ball lightning is just awesome.

Please note that i just recent hit my aim of 100k dps and am now working on my resists. I.e. vile ward with vit and life for my next piece and resists on belt and pants.
@ant2ny You should be able to get a nice upgrade out of the shoulder and pant slots for not too much gold, lookin good

my profile gear is a little wonky, I'm MF capped for 1.04, with some replacement pieces for when 1.05 hits, but I think it caught it somewhere in the middle here.
@Pew and Destroyer



Very nice MF for having full new nat's + that crit chance + that dps without SS.

Your armor is just about where it should be while having decent HP as well. I did see that more than a few of your slots were missing all resists though. For your future upgrades, you should consider that as well.
I love your tank gear!
I would like a rating of mine. Still haven't gotta out the right build to soloing inferno. I'm pretty much a glass cannon and kite when in trouble with this one.

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