Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

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10/08/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Scottw
@jars- how much did you pay for your source if you dont mind me asking? pants are your next replacement right?

65m. I'm not really sold on it though
Maybe an amulet with critical hit?
Gah thats so expensive, and it doesnt have apoc. I want the set bonus but i cant afford the damn source i only paid like 8 million for the wand.
10/08/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Scottw
Gah thats so expensive, and it doesnt have apoc. I want the set bonus but i cant afford the damn source i only paid like 8 million for the wand.

Don't bother with the set bonus. That or get APoC on helm and get a cheap Chant force.
whats a "cheap" chantodo force? i have 19APoC right now, without any on source. Honestly the set bonus would help me alot since i am low int and damage reduction from elites... need that for the budget CM build i have going
lol depend on the quality of the chantodo's force, if u want APOC on it, is gonna cost u....
i wish one would just drop for me.
lol even if it drop..... is not a guarantee u get APOC on it tho... but well wish u good luck finding 1
Na, i can afford to not have apoc on the source, im at 19 with nothing on source right now. Im trying to ballpark price chantodo force w/o apoc... main thing is %CC and IAS and INT
@ AudiE8GT

You are pretty much item capped haha, but i would like to know what piece I should upgrade next!
@LCT, shoulder, armor, & weapon, biggest boost would be upgrading ur weapon 1st
I already got a weapon, but not for my cm build :S beside that, a tal rasha armor would be better than 250 int vile ward don't you think?

Thank you Audi
honestly, I dun suggest to use tal armor if u just want to boost DPS, those of u trying to raise DPS while sacrificing alot of vital or AR, so if u r gonna get a tal chest, then get 1 that has high int & vit, and drop the AR, don't get the 1 that has low vit with AR.... that's the biggest problem i see from those of u having low HP while using tal armor
That was my biggest fear, do you think something like 180 vit on tal chest would be better than the 60 AR i currently have? I don't want to lose too much all resist ...
got skipped -- whats my next upgrade?
boots or armor. you want sockets on armor... imho i would get zuni boots and then zuni armor to match.
@LCT try to get as much vit as possible, get 1 with 200+ vit......

@faustian armor, pant, helm, source must upgrade
I'd appreciate some help in the direction I need to be taking my upgrades. I've kind of hit a wall with dps. What would give me the best bang for my buck at this point? I just spent most of my gold on a 1h with CHD and a socket.

Belt/ chest/Shoulders all lack VIT.

Look into get some more VIT on each piece first.
Thanks for the reply, Boozor.

I agree that more Vit is always a plus, but I don't usually die more than once or twice during a run. I suppose it will be useful for 1.0.5. Will definitely look into it. Any tips for dps?

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