Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

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Is it even fair trying to upgrade Audi? I won't suggest anything for him... :)

Go for a trifecta ring with a high +min/max dmg roll on it to replace skull grasp
@BDF Wow can't really decide how to upgrade your gear. Probably a similar weapon but now with socket
Only thing I could see you upgrading before 1.05 is the pants possibly. Nice gear.

10/09/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Innocence
@BDF Wow can't really decide how to upgrade your gear. Probably a similar weapon but now with socket
@wildcatt probably rings or source (one with 100-300+ damage roll) but like the rest of us wait til after patch for the rings
@Justice I think you can trade the main and offhand in for an int skorn if you can afford it might be a huge dps boost.

Definitely more vitality on your chest. I would upgrade the source right away. It is very cheap to get a rare source with 8.5CC and high intel, if you can get one with high VIT i will go for that too. I would recommend for a CD+SOC+IAS weapon with 1k+ dps over LOH for now, unless you are very rich. you focused too much on AR but not on VIT. VIT is very important, see if you get up to 40k health.

Rings are most obvious upgrade, but I bet you are waiting till post patch. After that, I would put 50 AR on your boots, then take it off your gloves and get a good trifecta.

Yes! Im waiting the new patch to buy Zuni Pox with CC + As, and another one with CC + AS too.
I will search for gloves righ now!:D

What about my weap?

Thanks for the tips, bud!
@Arrogante, should probably upgrade ur lacuni to 1 with CC

You really should consider adding movement speed to your....

in all seriousness your set-up is perfect. except for jewelry in the next patch maybe. !@#$%^-, I think I will set my background to your character.

Did you actually craft your weapon?

Maybe dye your gloves a different color? honestly, that is it.
@Keyser Your gear is sick. The only thing I would look to upgrade are your rings, but I am guessing you probably had kick !@# rings and ditched them before 1.0.5. Seriously, Lacuni's, Ice Climbers, Tyrael;s. You have it all. Really nice character!!!

And you have the best name on here.
Audi your gear is Awesome however the color Scheme needs work you clash sorry to say Black,purple,blue, and white WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ;) .
LOL Lilspark..... im thinking of rainbow? black- black berries, purple - grape juice, blue - gatorade, white - Sp*rm LOL well too bad, blizz doesnt allow us to dye them.....
me please! then find my thread asking for help and post in there too!!
Hi Gargoyle I would get a cheap set of Zuni boots to start with int should add some DPS then I would just carry on upgrading you could stand to lose some life 30 k ish is fine and all rez 500 is lots until your DPS is over 100.
me too please. I am struggling with what to buy next? I really need an orb with APoC so I can get a helm with a socket for experience. It's a vicious circle that I can't seem to make a decision in....
Thanks lilspark
@ verno71

It looks like you are trying to do the chantodo set, but with the rest of your gear, I would not recommend that, as it is incredibly overpriced in my opinion. Especially considering the nerfs coming for meteor shower and the cm build.

I would first suggest either going Lucani Prowlers or Echoing Fury.
Echoing fury would be the cheapest I think. You can get some good ones for 2 million, crit damage ones are around 8 million.
Just came into some gold from a rare barb drop... I don't play my barbarian enough to keep it.

So How can I improve my Wizzy?

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