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previous thread reached its limit. so lets continue here.

@Jormunrek 6/10 your barb looks a lot like mine before 1.0.3. hopefully u get a lucky drop and u can upgrade them pieces. gl mate!
No upgrades needed.^
@cdfh, 9.5/10 sweet gear setup, how do you like that stone of jordan? i've been thinking about getting my hands on one of those... and i always love seeing non WW barbs
@ Servindix,

Sweet set up! I like how we both use litany and wailing host! Love finding people with similar gears

Always room for a little improvement, but i'm sure u already know that :D
@Servindix ahh lol im usually a ww barb. must have logged off testing the skorn i just bought.. the soj is awesome really, u can see the difference in damage when u go at it with elites. the cold damage is probably my favourite and i wouldnt go for any soj without cold dmg ever, saves half the effort of havin to chase after kiting mobs.
@Aphothecary: 8/10, probably can upgrade the main hand dps and shoulder stats but otherwise solid.

8/10 Great looking WW barb. Good life steal, perfect damage to maintain WOTB the whole time.

9/10. Nice set-up! I like the BK set, thought it may not be needed for 1.05. Only upgrade I would recommend is grabbing a pair of RA Jousting Mail.
nice set up @apothecary, anyone have any advice for my barb?
@judgement 8/10
@Appleeee - 7 for now. 7.5 when you get IK gloves.

Your barb is simply great. When I started my barb I found yours in the forum and was amazed already, but I see it is even better now.

LOVE that you use Zuni boots!

Maybe some all resist could help you?

Will be interesting to see what you'll upgrade next, good luck! :)

9.8 of 10
10/08/2012 10:09 AMPosted by Nizzmizzle
nice set up @apothecary, anyone have any advice for my barb?

I see you got skipped, so here is my advice:

try getting rings with both IAS and CC, this will improve your dps!

Overall really nice barb, not too expensive but one sees that you really know what you buy.
Proves that a good player can create a good toon without absurd amounts of gold!

Great gear! Maybe upgrade belt to one that has Bash bonus?

Everything is great. The only real upgrade I could see you possibly getting are your gloves but I understand that won't really happen until you get lucky with a Skorn with Vit on it. Otherwise 10/10
@Sentenza hmm decent 2h-er though resists could be higher, all pieces cld be upgraded easily though, gl on farming the gold required mate. 6/10

Thanks for the input. I was wondering how I was with only recently starting out.
@CDFH wow how much did those pants and armor cost. probly the best non socketed pants ive seen.

Sweet barbarian. If I had more money I would want to make one like yours. 9/10
@Decara did i read that correctly 831K plus??

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