Very nice trifecta/AR/str/vit gloves


285 armor
85 str
64 vit
58 all resist
9% attack speed
7.0% crit
21% crit damage
health globes +5000 life
No b/o yet, just make an offer.
Bump for some sick gloves I would purchase but want to spend the money on IK Chest LOL.
Ya im kind of wanting IK set as well. Not sure yet

Edit: Please msg me ingam if/when you have a bin. Xomulus#1451
bump...obviously not going to take 5m gold for these....
Free Bump
I'll say 30mill but I'm at work at the moment and wont be home for another 5 hours
Sorry I was away for a while, auction is still up, if psy is still offering 30m then that is c/o. You can add me in game for offers as well ktulu87#1653
I will close auction prob by around tomorrow at this time.

c/o 35
last bump before work
another bump, ending auction around 8pm tonight
40m c/o, little more time, at 40m they are a steal. Thanks for the bids!

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