Inferno - Act 1 Build [Barb]

Hey, I was wondering if this build is good enough for Inferno Act 1 with a Barb...


Thanks :)
You can do a1 with those stats, but it's really not optimal.

I'll just toss you a cookie cutter barb build:!beV!acaZcZ

Your build and gear is severely lacking in damage mitigation.

Keep in mind that armor and resistances work together to give you your total damage reduction, so you want them to be similar values (eg 500 resists, 5k+ armor).

Blood funnel is very inconsistent healing for a few reasons. You have low attack speed and crit chance, so that heal is not going to happen as often as you need it to. It also heals for % of your life and you have low ehp do to lack of resists.

I can help you build a gear set if you're interested, just add me ingame.
Sure, I'll add you :)
Btw thanks so much
Hi Seinfire, Im a newbie to this WW/DT build and had been playing it for almost week(1-3 hours a nite, practicing in act 2 without much problem). I believe that my build is decent enough but, i can't seem to survive when dealing with elites having those crazy affixes(desec, molten, arcane, jailer/freeze combo) in Act 3. and i believe i'm carrying the mentality of a tanker where i leap in dpsy, rend, ip when needed, leap out when it gets dicey...

This my SnB/Frenzy build :!beV!acaZcZ

The MH on my profile has got at 100% CD gem(its in my tank wep) so my ~dps will be between 75-77k, CC-38.5% and CD-416%. Someone advise me to amp my AR a bit which i am trying to do atm but i can't find anything in AH that does not make my jaw drop.

So in your own honest opinion, what should i do, playstyle, gear upgrade wise... etc, tips in effectively/efficiently in playing this build and lessen deaths/repairs which is the profitable with make those farming runs.

Appreciate you looking into this. Critique it the way you want it.
@RazorX Honestly your stats look great, if wotb is down, the best thing you can do vs those kind of elites is just manual avoidance.

Also rend.

I don't think you really need revenge to survive at your dps level, but if you need another heal you could swap leap for charge [dreadnought], or even run both of them (which would help with jailer/frozen).

Along with being able to leap/charge while jailed, they also make you immune to cc while you're traveling. This means you can charge out right before the orbs pop to avoid being frozen, or leap in place and continue dpsing.

As a tornado barb, if I somehow lose wotb and get frozen inside of lazorz/puddles/whatever, I usually survive because my tornadoes are still ticking away and healing me. You can do the same kind of thing with rend, as long as it is ticking you will continue to be healed, hopefully long enough to charge/leap out of it.

I also recommend running double offensive passives with superstition, especially since elemental damage is what's giving you problems. Increased dps also means you're getting healthglobes faster, and just farming more efficiently overall.
@Seinfire, thanks a lot, i did replace revenge with rend(bloodlust) and its an awesome damage healing rune, rend one a mob, run to another pack rend and first mob just melts away.

I now fully understand the playstyle of WW/DT build and again, when my rage is up 100% i always want it that way(tank and spank build) so i can't keep up . I felt like an idiot when watching guides on the build that the way to keep WoTB is dump fury all the time, then build it up again, dump when full by sprint or BR... hahaha, this build really needs lots of practice.

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