gg Godly barb belt. 236STR 146VIT 79AR MF

I found this amazing barb belt. Available for offers and/or Witch Doctor Gear.

+236STR +146VIT +79AR+17%MF

D2jsp thread:

Starting auction at 10m. NO BIN at this time.

Picture of belt above.
I'll bid 10m. (US Softcore)
Nice belt indeed, glad to see new yellow gears with good stats.

Free bump and good luck .
TY Amblin for the bump

C/O 10M- Tiger
I'll bid 20M. When does the auction end?
C/O 20M- Celanian

I'd like to move the belt by the end of this weekend, unless price is too low.
it would be godly with LS.... its just a good belt
LS would make it an epic belt. Still gfg belt :)
bump. would like to sell today
No life steal, which 99% of barbs will need to focus on in 1.05... Sorry, it's nice, but not godly when LOH becomes obsolete and LS is only on belt+weapons..

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