WTS Won Kim Lau 966dps OS

Hi I'm looking to sell this Won Kim Lau I picked up, stats as follow:

966 Dps
290-679 Lightning damage
add 6% to lightning damage
lightning skills deal 25% more damage
37% damage
166 Dex
2.2% to slow on hit
open socket

Leave your bid here or msg me online KarEl#6910
Why oh why couldn't this have life steal instead of slow on hit. You would be rich and I would have what I have been looking for....

Free bump and good luck with sale.
What you want for this?
I'm not sure, please leave your offer. I will sell to the highest bidder by the end of tmr
@currentking: how much do you think this is worth?
3 mil to start
I have posted it on the AH, since nobody is bidding...
@Kazumodo: you can bid on AH

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