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Percentages are scaled over heroes. Rune percentages are scaled over heroes who use the parent skill.

29.68% of Monks use OWE


10/08/2012 02:01 AMPosted by Zerg
but it has been done before

Can you send me a link please?

See above.
I guess BZ uses these charts to decide what to buf and what to nerf. I don't mind that as long as each rune of a skill has a build. People play by build not by a single rune. For example, barb war cry. Can we play runes other than impunity and survive will in inferno? Is there a non impunity build? Well, unless you got godly armor resist gears, you will probably still use impunity whether or not it's nerfed. BZ must have all kinds of builds in their mind before they design a rune into a skill. Just my opinion.
lawl@ zombie bears
Monk's doesn't surprise me at all.

According to this chart and according to blizzards way of balancing, this should end in a huge monk nerf because some runes are far to major.

Some rune is far to major because there is no choice for Monk.
Not because they are overpowered.
Monk are still weak on DPS.
Nerfing them down practically is like "Pulling the last teeth left on Monks mouth".
Great charts! Here's another version at that data, updated every day and with breakdowns by both skill and rune popularity:


Click on any skill to see charts for both softcore and hardcore rune usage. It's really interesting to see the difference between how softcore and hardcore characters pick their skills and runes.
I have a feeling that where it says NONE for runes set for the ability are just Characters that are leveled but are sitting there as mules.
I also speculate that the graphs are taking into account banned accounts, fake accounts, and or accounts of people who saw the game, played for a few minutes and just plain gave up on it.
The information provided by Blizz could be skewed in any which way.
29.68% of Monks use OWE

I think this means that 29.68% of the passives used by monks is OWE. If all monks used OWE, this means the maximum percentage would be 33.33333 . . .etc %, because there are three passives that can be used at any time. So, take the percentage from the chart for a given passive, and multiply it by 3 to see what percentage of monks use that passive.

29.68% X 3 = 89.04% (I suspect this number is a little low.)

I love the charts, but one problem with it is that many people hit level 60 before they enter inferno, and Act 1 of inferno is a little bit too easy compared to Act 2, 3, and 4. When I got to farming Act 1 I was doing my own thing as a monk. By the time I was farming Act 2, I was a little more cookie cutter. Now, farming Act 3, I am almost completely cookie cutter. (I could probably farm Act 4, but why would I want to?)

I would like to see this done again, but this time only for people that are say Paragon level 20 or higher. That would be a way to weed out the ones that haven't gotten very far into inferno yet.

Good work though.
So under 1/4 of Barbs are running WW builds, defs doesn't deserve as much flak as it gets. I think it's a super fun alt setup to my WD.
Sad to see so many DH using sharpshooter, nice graphs. We should all spam the dev's inboxes with the graphs until they get it through their thick heads that buffing instead of nerfing would make everyone happier.

And not small buffs to non-usefull skills, how bout a cinder arrow with 200% weapon damage over 5 sec with a 10% chance to cause a fire explosion w/rad 10yrds? takes about 5 seconds of thought and 10 seconds of writing to explain and implement a sweet change to a worthless rune.

Pretty convinced the people in charge of this game are asleep at the helm or just have no interest in making gameplay fun, they would rather mess with mechanics no one is complaining about (defensive nerf) and add a small amount of endgame with one item that WAS pretty cool, now it's just like every other sub-par leg...Even 500k-1M dmg on the hellfire would have made it worthy for MP5-8 players. >_<

D3=too much fun, nerf cannon
Good job. +1
you can find similar stats on
or more... these data shows how Blizzard (JW) is successfu(?)l to create class & skill diversity... what a wonderful design...

one man doesn't make an entire game. Never gets too old to see people looking at everything 1 sided.
Also there is class and skill diversity. They just aren't viable for farming, which isn't a perfect system, but if if more runes were viable it would be more fun.

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