100k+dps WD? lets farm!

Witch Doctor
I'll be down when I have some time.


56k HP
600-700~ AR
140K~ DPS (unbuffed)
add me 190k dps unbuff,40khp,550-600 all res


100k life and dmg.
100k unbuffed
65k life
750 - 800 AR
fully mp9 capable here :)
Me too.

I'm always down for farming or ubers, anyone else that posted can add me as well! Tocean#1750
When you list your dps it should be a given that it is without PtV.

Noobs please stop listing ptv dps, which ironically often leads to a lower true damage output then had you not used ptv.
Exactly who are you talking about Stil?
130k unbuffed with ToTD...higher with uhkapian
37k life
700 ar
Add me xchief#1352
farm farm farm for cupcakes
105k dps unbuffed with totd
~600 - 700 ar
66k hp
zero dogs wd / tank / dpser
hit me up too xD
I play with plenty of wiz and barbs but I almost never play with other wd. Might be fun for a change...

hi! You're making friends!


182k dps
600+ AR
55.6 HP
200k here. looking for 0 sec dog WD to play with
add me... popo#6986
just papabears build here 100k dps aswell :P lets do a run sumtimes

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