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Is it just me, or does movement speed rarely roll on boots? I seem to get boots with AR way more often than any movement speed, not even 10%. This seems very odd to me since boots are the only gear most people will get movement speed from. I know random is random, but I feel like boots should roll with +movement more often (sort of like how class items can often roll with class skill affixes). Does Blizzard think 0% movement speed is fine since every class has skills to boost movement to get out of trouble? Is any +movement speed supposed to be a luxury?
10/06/2012 04:47 PMPosted by NinjaBear
Is any +movement speed supposed to be a luxury?

I think so. It's a surprisingly rare affix to roll.

12% move speed bonuses really don't 'save' you that often.
Many monsters still outrun my 34% move speed monk and things like molten often kill you before you can run into a safe zone.

Move speed is really just a time saver affix like increased loot radius.
Some affixes are more common than others. They are definitely not all balanced equally. I would not be surprised at all if movement speed is less common that Resist All, primary stats, etc.
I'm trying to figure out if other items have similar features, movement speed usually only shows up on boots. Does pickup radius usually show up on gloves over other items ? Are Helms more likely to get +life% or maybe shoulders more likely to get life regeneration, etc?
You have 0 MF what do you expect?
I get boots with movement speed rolls quite often, actually.

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