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2nd legend for the day


Oculus Ring


field of slaughter act 3

Good luck every1
but .105 is an odd number...

Legendaries only drop every second Tuesday, in months starting with "J" from odd numbered servers.

Plz don't troll about getting legendaries, this is a thread for real science.

PS you have double the chance if your name starts with a letter in the first half of the alphabet, me and my 10 mates, did a test, and proved this to be true.
lol can't believe people are seriously wasting their time with this nonsense.
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10/07/2012 12:25 PMPosted by turnstiled
Random is not always easy, but as in poker you can get AA 20 times in a row and then only get 2,9 for six hours. There is no conspiracy, only stupidity and paranoid toons.

True. But, what if you played Poker professionally, had 1000+ hours under your belt, always played the same way with the same efficiency, but noticed that "good hands" almost always came in pairs, back-to-back, between dry spells. Would you still dismiss this... "pattern"? As far as I know, there's not supposed to be patterns in RNG.

If i was a professionally poker player i would know about probability and things like confirmation bias. Therefore i wouldnt fall into the trap of this tinfoil hat nonsense. You people are all retarded if you think theres ANY truth to this at all.
The "loot server" is probably the silliest thing this community has come up with lately.
yo ember i swear this is wad i gt from e ip address
To people who think the IPs have no bearing on the loot, you are wrong. I do not exactly understand it, or have the data myself, but I have noticed that if I watch my IP and try to get specific ones that I know are "hot" then I almost always get a legendary. So far, by doing this, I have gotten 17 legendary / sets in 11 games.

Also, there are guilds/groups of people who sell runs for a price. One of the largest of these groups has over 10,000 games worth of data, with 3+ players in almost every game, and have found some pretty solid trends.

I don't have this data, as they won't share it...but a friend of mine in there has looked at it.
Loot is based off on AH.

Loot is not generated randomly, well it is generated, but generated server side, you draw from 1 loot pool. This is why if some items get vendored or trashed, they come back into circulations, this is why items get duped, because due to lag or whatever the request is handled twice (since the item is generated, it nwo gets put into circulations and by accident twice).

It could be that blizz decide to generate more legendaries (feed the pool), which can give a sudden increase or feeling that more legendaries drop. It might be that some IP's happen to be the ones where the 24/7 nerds played on and just happened to be ones used by bots. The bots would reduce the generation of good items simply because they take them out of circulations (put on sale) and the pool of good stuff dries up.

I imagine there is only 1 pool for convenience as it can be easily compared to what goes on the AH (both), however drawing out of them could be limited per IP (that means that if a certain server draws 80% of the legendaries it becomes harder for this server to do so). I doubt the latter is true, would be more complex, it would however be also a means for blizzard to combat bots.

Not saying this is the "exact" system in use, but I am quite sure this is close to what is being used. This also why there won't be an identify all option, because that could significantly increase the server loads.

CRazy, who knows =D !!!

One thing is for sure, items get made server side.

I don't have this data, as they won't share it...but a friend of mine in there has looked at it.

Sounds legit.
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10/07/2012 03:03 AMPosted by TpX
nice find ^ how was the roll

Dear God please tell me your total play time. Almost 70k elite kills? o.o
I have seen 2 legendaries SINCE 1.04!!!!!!! and they were both vendor trash

Auction house 3 is a crappy game
ive been doing this myself also..

I found all my legendary off of servers mostly ending in 8's.

228, 98, 78, 18, 221, and 69

69 gave me 3 legendary!

Edit: I wanted to prove wrong that idea going around that you get better loot on even number server and below 101. So far, it seems like it's plausible, but I dont want to believe this stupid crap -_-
To people who think the IPs have no bearing on the loot, you are wrong. I do not exactly understand it, or have the data myself

Sounds reasonable!!
10/08/2012 08:49 AMPosted by MrStealYoWin
this stupid crap -_-

my turn again
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@ Abdz

So as OP... and having seen the "evidence" posted by folks.. what is your conclusion now?
Thx guys, keep it coming

@Ember: havent compiled the data yet, but so far from first glance, as expected no correlation, though not nearly enough data has been gathered for a first sample... so we must press on to save the world of diablo. After enough data has been collected, if there is even a hint of exploitation I will need to gather more data for a second sample
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