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yesterday, I quit playing because i died 4 times to a reflect damage and had to run keep deaths all the way to the freakin end. got mad and quit. PLEASE LET US RESPAWN TO BANNER i beg you xD.
I think the banners should work as a fixed teleport to player location. If you click the player's banner, you would teleport to their banner(if they dropped one), instead of to the players location. That way if a tanky character is surrounded by a bunch of elietes, the incoming character doesn't get faced stomped or have to blow all thier defensive CDS.

I thought this was blizzard's original intention...

As far as a stand alone thing, there's not a lot I think you can do about that. Maybe make it a follower/pet tether? Making the banner operate as a 10 yard tether. I think that could open a few different playing options. Just an idea.
My idea increase the death penalty while NV is active, and allow us to create a checkpoint for our respawn by dropping banner. Oh also keep the resurrect timer increase but cap it, so player won't get spawned between the horde when his/her skills are still on cooldown.

I always offer; injured state of 1 point of vitality effectiveness loss (approximately 3% life loss, can be countered with life% affix) on forced respawn while NV is active. 'till it hits down to 10 hp per vitality, can be avoidable if a party member resurrects you, or else you can get rid of the negative penalty by resetting the NV all together.
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but I would love it if I could throw down my banner and then use it to get to a friend's location while out in the field.


Plant down my banner, which lasts a lot longer, then rez at the banner should I die.

Some of those runs back from the check point are rather long, especially when your buddies are in trouble and can't stop to click on your corpse.
Banners could be something really awesome if you let it. Imagine a system where sigils, accents and shapes could be combined into brief mantra/shout-style buffs on a short-ish timer. For example, putting down a banner that uses the sigils/accents/shapes you get for hitting certain levels would give an experience gain buff and the sigils/accents/shapes you get for class-specific achievements could give resource gain buffs and stuff for exploration could give movement speed buffs and the stuff for followers achievements could buff follower hp/damage... Basically everything could be categorized and you would receive a few (like 5-10) seconds of 3 small, but stacking, buffs from each banner drop.
i agree i also think it would be extremely helpful if im in town and i click on your banner to come to you i would spawn at a banner you throw down instead of right where you are

For instance my wife is a tank barb im a DH if i have to go to her i surely hate teleporting into the middle of a pack of elites, If she hits G and throws her banner down out side the pack and then i click to come to her i can spawn out side of that huge pack and not potentially die instantly
For those of us who do die often, if i respawn at the last checkpoint, and then port to town in order to use a teammates banner, can you reset my respawn point to town until i reach another checkpoint? Multiple deaths on a difficult mob sometimes result in respawning at a far away checkpoint followed by a teleport to town before finally rejoining the fight.
Heres my idea, might not be the best idea but its certainly different.

Throwing down a flag to start a duel.
Why not have it similar to borderlands knife to start a duel.
I know pvp is off.
But if 2 people throw down flags a portal opens they walk through it for a duel.
or make a flag act as a checkpoint, but it can only be dropped when there is no enemies
Agreed with OP, it really sucks in the stupid maniac explodes and you have to run back like 323232323 miles....

Ideas from above ...

Banner drop gives a physics effect that blasts away dead bodies - cool as bro
Banner drop as a check point - great idea but could lead to body hopping
Add a 2 minute cool down to banner drop and start it when you drop a banner and when you die to stop body/banner hopping - would work perfectly
Put an interruptable casting delay on banner call down - not so good and not needed if it has a cool down timer to stop body hopping
Provide some radius buff from your banner maybe dependent on your banner type - awesome idea obviously buff needs to be minor so as not to become gaming breaking or make you feel like it is necessary

All in all cool thread.
Agreed with this. No different from emergency TP's in Diablo 2, and I know everyone used those.
Also banners not only could do some funny things in the game but also look cool. An imagination is the limit how such a banner would enhance gameplay. It's only 10 minutes paintover so take it as a quick sketch/idea.
great idea
Agreed please allow the banner to be used as a respawn point.

Blizzard.........MCFLY HELLOOOOOOOOO anyone home ???

This is your customer base wanting a REALLY GOOD OPTION added in the game.

Please do not ignore us with your BS reply of this allows some forms of game play we would like to avoid ???

What kind of moronic reply is that ??

You have a maximum of FOUR FRICKING PEOPLE in ANY game AT ALL TIMES.....

So saying this allows some forms of game play we want to avoid WITH FOUR PEOPLE makes ZERO sense !!!!!!!
No thanks! bad idea blues dont allow this to be introduced. Lock this thread please ty.

die less and you wont encounter such a problem
OP. NOT AGREED! You basically have no reason to try not to die. You should always be punished for dying. And repairs costs should be raised if anything.
We completely agree, though, that banners in their current form are pretty boring and we'd love to make them more useful. If you have other ideas for banner uses, please share them!

why? Each time something intelligent is suggested it goes ignored. How about 16 more checkpoints threwout the keep depths? Something its to big of an area. Look I don't die but I have a lot of friends that just started playing, and waiting for them to run back because they are just starting inferno difficulty isn't fair to them or me. Even the majority of the player base agrees the current checkpoint system is horrible. Just like the lack of team dueling in the new 1.0.7 areas, (which might I add would be simple to implement.) each time I've thrown a idea up here on the forums its been either shot down for really bad reasoning or received no response at all. I think you need to seriously take a few minutes more each day to review what your fans are saying, and stop coming up with the ideas in a closed room between just the DEV's because each time you ignore your fan base you get further from what your audience wants and closer to lower server population numbers.

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