Does triumvirate +fire dmg proc Conflagration

? yes or no.. I can't tell in my testing, but I think it does

(Just like cold dmg (ex: blizzard, frostburn, cold weapon) ->proc's cold blooded for the 20% damage for everyone)

Does a black weapon + triumvirate -> proc Conflagration for 10% / 3 seconds?

I think it does, because it 'seemed like' numbers were higher, but I really couldn't tell for sure
If you use Spectral Blade or normal attacks yes, otherwise most skills will already have an element and that overwrites the one from weapon/source/etc.
So a black weapon plus a 6% cold damage tals amulet will make any spell i use do cold damage? if so that is awesome and im even more happy about finding my tals amulet!!
Any spell that says it deals XXX% damage as [Element] will change all damage that you deal into that element. That includes +elemental damage from gear. If however the spell does not specify an element for its damage then you will deal the gambit and receive the benefits of said elements.

For a wizard the available spells to do this are;

spectral blades
basic attack

That is all.
Actually let me make it a little more complicated too..

If my main attack is Forked Lightning - with a black weapon + triumvirate, I understand it that I do

A) amount of damage - based on weapon damage + min/max and then add
B) a % amount of damage as cold (min+min - but soon to be fixed), another % amount as fire, and another etc

Is the A) damage lightning? or is it 'physical', i.e.
If I was using Arcane orb, would the A) damage be arcane instead?

Based on that.. this is what I mean:

Can the B) damage by itself proc cold blooded *and* conflag? or do you have to use something like Frost Hydra or Blizzard to proc cold blooded, and a 'fire weapon' to proc conflag

Another example: It confuses me a little when I see something like.. Zuni's boots say 'adds X% to poison" - but it's (what i hear) just adding just X% to total DPS. Does that damage come in the form of
1) whatever (physical, arcane, lightning, etc) your main attack (say 100k damage) + x% (say 7000 damage if 7%) as poison damage or is it really
2) 107000 damage total as main attack

I thought it was #1.. which would therefore bring about the same question does the '7000' damage enough to proc Y skill, if that skill was 'poison damage causes Z'
Thanks for helping me try to understand this..

So: spectral blades deals damage, and then with a triumvirate would deal: cold, fire, etc damage - plus any elemental from a zuni's boots, plus any from a tal's ammy for example.
all us the separate types

If I use Forked lightning, even though I'm getting +bonuses on a black weapon/triumvirate, it all still comes out as lightning. If it's AO, it's arcane, etc

If I use Forked lightning, even though I'm getting +bonuses on a black weapon/triumvirate, it all still comes out as lightning. If it's AO, it's arcane, etc

Yes, correct. So it won't help you with conflagration :(
You are drastically overcomplicating a somewhat simple concept here. I'll break it down to the absolute smallest steps.

You have;

'black' min + max damage
'elemental' min + max damage
'elemental' +% damage

So lets say you are using...

Chantodos wand
400 - 800 damage
+230 - 470 Fire damage

80 - 370 damage
+6% Fire
+6% Arcane
+6% Lightning

Tals Ammy
+6% Cold

And have 2400 intelligence.

Your damage array will look like this;
250 - 700 Non-Elemental Damage
245 - 512 Fire Damage
15 - 42 Arcane Damage
15 - 42 Lightning Damage
15 - 42 Cold Damage

If you cast spectral blades you will deal 135% this damage times 25 (intelligence). Resulting in...
8437 - 23625 Non-Elemental Damage
8268 - 17280 Fire Damage (triggering conflagration)
506 - 1417 Arcane Damage (triggering temporal flux)
506 - 1417 Lightning Damage (triggering paralysis)
506 - 1417 Cold Damage (snaring target and triggering cold blooded)

If you cast Arcane Orb you will deal 175% of this damage times 25 AS ARCANE, resulting in...
23625 - 58537 Arcane Damage (triggering temporal flux)
Best explanation ever.. Thank you so much for taking the time to write/explain that out, Shandlar
thanks for that post shandlar
Replying to Decoherence:

Wrong man. Items the have +elemental damage % add that percent of your black damage to the base damage, and it does stack. For example, if you have Storm Crow (+8% lightning) and Tal Rasha's Allegiance (+5% random element) on, and your black damage is 100 (for arguments sake), and use Arcane Orb (200% weapon damage as Arcane), you will do 200 arcane damage, 16 lightning damage, and another 10 of whatever element your Tal Rasha's Allegiance has, for a total of 226 damage. As for whether or not this extra damage can proc cold blooded or conflagration, I'm not entirely sure, which is why I'm currently looking at this page lol
the only problem is... this has been posted almost a year ago
I don't understand how these threads get necro'd. I really don't.
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