Wicked Wind Tick Rate and Breakpoints

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80k HP O.o lol double my HP haha
Laoshu would lke to take a look at your items. Im having trouble with vit. Nt sure where to get them from..
10/21/2012 05:55 AMPosted by sp0rk
Laoshu would lke to take a look at your items. Im having trouble with vit. Nt sure where to get them from..


82k hp to be exact lol. I swap out inna pant sometimes for the 12% movement, and able to stay at 68k hp still.
i see the vit gems.. hmmmm wonder if i should do the same sacrifice. 30k hp seems too low for me atm
much appreciated thread

hitting this "~2.730 - 36 ticks" seems to be the most optimal one to me as i've done gearcrunching before this to almost a point of insanity ^^ But it's a very helpful research you've put together
10/19/2012 02:00 PMPosted by shibii
Attack speed comes into play twice because on top of getting more ticks from every twister you'll have more twisters out before the older ones start dying out.

Shouldn't this be even 3 times then seeing as the initial buildup is faster aswell
Can i know how much LOH is needed at 2.74aps 50cc?
I'm running with 800+ LoH, don't know if it can be lowered. I want to stay above 800 at all cost though.
Hello, I am running at 2.05 aps right now with my set up, and it seems that +9% att speed = .14 ? Att per second? Am I calculating that right?

Wand is 1.54, and I have 2x 9%, and 2x 8% items. = 2.05.

With another 9% from a belt (witching hour) and another 7-9% from a ring upgrade I could hit 2.31 bp, and go from 26 to 30 ..... I have 20apoc, 1500 LOH, crit chance is 45%.

My question is will i notice a diff, esp in survivability from loh etc with that increase? Since that would use all my funds for those upgrades .. I typically run mp 2 now ... and rarely die, I dont like dying ... ugh.

Thanks for any help in advance.
Dang, how did this post miss my radar...
@JHunter: Yes, I think you will notice the difference at 2.31. I don't think necessarily it'll be night and day, but it's still noticeable. The biggest difference for me was a bit better performance when you're fighting 1-2 monsters and the ability to more quickily spam twisters (so you can just jump into the fray).

I think though the biggest boost for you will actually be the huge DPS increase from Witching Hour. I got +8-10k off mine. But that'll hit your vitality something wicked. What kind of difficulty were you hoping for? My setup is pretty similar to what you'd be end up at. Though I have 3% LifeSteal+600 LoH and a bit weaker defensive stats (though probably made up for the fact that I use prismatic armor), but similar APoC (18%) and CC for ET (45.5%). I can now farm at <MP5 with no deaths at all and MP5 is just slower going (now my preferred difficulty, especially since I'm farming for keys).

But I think you'll still like your high LoH. Last night I actually found a "better" Chantodo's Will with +100 dps and +150 Intelligence compared to my current one (added +7-8k damage), but it was a huge difference in survivability to lose my 3% Life Steal. I haven't decided yet where I'll upgrade, but I'm definitely jealous of your 1500 LoH. Way to go! :)
loh is complicated. depends on dps cuz more damage u do more gets reflected, mitigation cuz more you have less loh you need, ias cuz faster you spam shell less gets to hp. there is no rule besides - if you're having problem get more.
Ok, thanks for the input! I am hoping that I can bump up to ML3 or 4, but I am worried about Vit lost from switching belt ... but higher att speed better freeze and if witching hour will give a boost to dps of 7-10k ?? that will help kill faster as well. I could switch out chanto source and vile ward from MF ones to vit ones .. but may have to wait on that for the funds - and then use that set up to key hunt.

I found the pants Sat morning ( vault, mp2 off some skeles) and almost crapped myself ... the LOH boost was huge not to mention all the other stats .. I could possibly substitute Vit gems for INT gems, and also one to helm for life % inc, to make up for Vit loss when i swap out belt.

Thanks again!
10/21/2012 07:30 AMPosted by sp0rk
Can i know how much LOH is needed at 2.74aps 50cc?

Depends on MP you are looking to run.

I am comfortable with 2 sources (around 700) of LOH at 2.74 and 53CC ish on MP1-MP6. On MP6, if I am not careful and waste AP (teleporting around without thought), I can get in trouble when absorbing the first attacks of spearthrowers and occultists. If I push up to 1100 (with a 3rd source of LOH), this situation is not a problem. For farming MP7, I'd rather have 1000+.

For Uber runs (MP7 and 8), imo, you shouldn't be getting hit at all, save damage taken from magda's bugs or her sentries if you choose to tank them. I don't die with 700 LOH when farming organs.

So i finally won a witching hour and as you said it added over 12 k damage, it also had some vit which was nice.

Now for 6+ more ias and next bp .... :) Going to have to be on a ring slot.
@JHunter: Awesome! The Witching Hour is simply amazing for crit mass wizards, since it offers attack speed to make the breakpoints, and even crit damage. Out of curiosity how much did you get yours for? I got mine for 30 million last week and I'm pretty happy, since I badly wanted the Armor/Strength and the 9% attack speed (which I needed to make the 2.31 breakpoint).

I paid 50 million which may have been high but I got sucked in by the Vitality ... really happy to finally get one! Only 8% as, but even at 9 i need another ias slot - which will be a ring. Oddly enough I found a rare one tonight 8/30/4 , but no other real stat so i lose dps wearing it but I may anyways to reach 2.31, until i can find a better one that I can afford.
Bump with quick question:

For DEFENSIVE/TANKING purposes, at 48% CC,

2,75 aspd with 18 APoC or
2,55 aspd with 28 APoC

that will help me survive better? =)
So I spent a bit of gold and got a couple of really cheap items to make this work.

Namely: A chant's wand with LS and a cheap wizard hat.

Do you reckon I should get LoH on a wand over LS?

I'm running at about 53CC without pinpoint using a wizard hat and I lose about 6CC if I get a stormcrow.

Will have about 17 APoC and 2.6++ APS.

Depending on setup, I deal from about 210k to 270k dps with WW/CM setup. Any ideas on what I can improve?

Reflect dmg pack still seems to give me quite a fair bit of problems and I can't see how I can increase eHP without drastically lowering DPS.
^Depends on your LoH but generally the first one. More aps means more CM, means more diamond skin. Also more twisters hitting faster = more LoH.

The issue is having adaquate APoC is pretty much required. You'll likely have more deaths with the first option than the second. Mostly because 95% of deaths are during the 'capture' phase anyway. ApoC is critical so you can wormhole 4x, drop 2 twisters, and already have enough recovery before you run outta AP for the third+.

2.74, 18, and 48 is not enough.

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