Char roster: Single, 1@each class, many alts?

1stly, this has been a difficult subject to word without sounding like a troll attempt - so if what follows sounds like an attack on your preferred method, I apologise in advance, that's not my intent.

I'm curious about how we decide to fill our hardcore character rosters.

I commonly see:
1) 1 HC character levelled and progressed as far as possible - seems to be most common. May have a few mules but never play them. Death means start again from Level 1. What I consider to be the "True Hard Core" death penalty.
2) 5 HC Characters - 1 of each class - levelled as far as possible (not necessarily at the same time). Death means starting that class again from Level 1 but you have 4 other farmers that can help re-gear. (This is my own preferred method for those of you who don't profile-check).
3) 1 Char class levelled multiple times (alts). Death means having to re-level that empty character slot but you have a few spares (or in some cases up to 9) to continue play from near enough to where you left off, just with a different gear load.
4) the option that shall not be mentioned where you can rise from the dead twice if you manipulate the system.

I can see pros and cons for each method (except #4 obviously). Certainly in these days of lag-d/c-clientcrash deaths, option 3 is a form of insurance for a non-glorious death.

Do those of you playing with multiple alts in the bank (method 3) think you may be watering down the HC thrill compared to someone using method 1 who has all their eggs in the one basket every time?
Do those of you who use method 2 lament the lack of stash space for storing re-levelling gear for all 3 prime stats (str, dex, Int) for the 5 classes and think how much easier it would be to only have to keep one type of item?
And those that use method 1, do you second guess yourself when you see d/c deaths?

Is there an option I've missed? Levelling both INT or both DEX classes (a combo of all 3 methods)?

*edit spell-check
Im Option 1 (: but that one guy who had 9 barbs... wow...

most effective approach in hc clearly
Option 2 here. Playing the game with 1 class makes it stale.
... makes it stale.

I lol'd at the pun. :)

@Dyldo, yeah that was the one that really got me thinking about this.
option 1 and option 3 are the same...

all that time spent playing alts could have been spent playing your main so he doesn't die.

releveling option 1 and leveling option 3 is going to take the same amount of time.
option 1 and option 3 are the same...

all that time spent playing alts could have been spent playing your main so he doesn't die.

releveling option 1 and leveling option 3 is going to take the same amount of time.

Not really, Option 3 aims to have at least 2 Level 60 chars of the same class at any one time.

You use method 1.
If you lost your L60 today, you have to restart from Level 1. You have no choice but to re-roll. You can't just resume with an alt 60.

If you already had an ALT L60 Barb, you could keep on playing in Inferno and re-level your next ALT at your leisure.

Sure it takes the same amount of time to level the ALT(s) in parallel but I guess that's where the 'cost' of that 'insurance' comes.
Instead of spending gametime farming/paragon levelling a main they are devoting time to maintaining a pool of alts.
I'm an option 3 guy.

Currently have 8 HC WD's (lvl's 60 p10, 60 p1, 53, 20, 15, 9, 5 and 5) and 1 SC (lvl 60 p3) WD.

Most of my WD's are mules, but I like to keep 2 at 60 and one in the 50's. The rest are mostly mules, but I will lvl them when I'm drunk or one of my friends is remaking a character.
One of each class, only one farmer capable of accumulating wealth at a fast rate. 4 alts to play for fun, and to see how far you can get with budget gear. Goal is obviously to clear inferno with one of each class.
Two of each class. :-)

Primes are all at 60, highest of the second-stringers only at 32. Good for playing when I'm really drunk and/or tired.

My general attitude is not to build alts to be replacements with the same build, but instead to experiment with different builds. That's how my current 60 DH became a bowless trapper, back when she was an experimental alt. Now she kicks enough !@# that she's gonna stay that way.
obviously on a different profile?
JiJin on asia server
Intersting DH build.
Main is my wiz, I have a barely-started wiz that I am running as an experiment in not using the ah or vendors, and another on eu that I am running as no-ah, but can vendor, but can't 'go back' - no regrinding, although I haven't yet played either of those too much.

I brought a WD up to 60 so I can put a bunch of MF gear on her and farm, and so that losing my main doesn't mean I'm not stuck without a 60 (want to still be able to farm inferno while releveling).

I guess that's a cross between 1 and 2? (I don't really have one of each class, and not planning to 60 one of each class, although I do sort of have one of each ranged class - but the DH is lower and I only play her occasionally). I specifically leveled the WD because I was stuffed full to the gills with lower-level leveling gear and wanted to free up some character slots so I could actually maybe play some of them (like the DH, and the 'no ah, no vendor' wiz) so I brought her up using the gear I had from leveling the wiz and sold it off or gave it away when WD wasn't using it anymore.
I did the "get all classes to 60" route, which really is the slow way to do things. I've played the game for ~300 hours and I'm only in A2. That should say something.

As for stash space, I don't keep leveling gear in my stash. It's simply easier to buy leveling gear for 5k a piece. Having each class at 60 means that good gear for any class is somehow usable for me.

It also keeps the game more interesting when you can switch classes whenever you want. Truth be told, though, if I lose my barb, I'm probably not releveling one to 60. When you play all 5 classes, you tend to find one you don't like as much as the others, and I'm not a big fan of barb gameplay.
I think im going for the hidden option , 2 of every class!
I use a split between option 1 and option 2. I have my main character that I've progressed "far as I can" which happens to be me beating inferno.

I made a barb backup for when my Monk dies, I'll be able to gear it rather quickly and begin farming again. Upon this time, I will level up another character as a backup.

I just play with the mentality that "I will die eventually."
I'm kind of 1 and 3.

Leveled my second barb with a friend as I wasn't too sure how long I'd last on my first barb (who just made 60). Since then haven't leveled any other barbs. Did start a monk/WD though.

Next I'll be leveling all classes to 60, but theres too much to do on my main still, especially with 1.05 approaching so I that'll have to wait.
With the way paragon levels work losing a character no matter how you decide to play is going to hurt. Also the backup * n type of player still needs to equip gear on all of the backups to play them.

It also kind of goes against having alts because your level 35 paragon main is going to have over 100% more MF and a lot more stats. Even with equal funding, that is going to be a HUGE inefficiency to start fooling around with a level 2 paragon alt.

I'm kind of like #2 but not full on. I like the idea of having someone capable of farming at least A1 inferno as a backup.
I suppose I'm mostly option 3. I have a lot of chars, and I use them all. Most of my characters represent a 'bookmark' with other players I'm currently rolling with when we get the chance to play. For example, the barb I have named "Raaawr" is a character I only play with my big bro and his wizard of similar level. This is the case for all of my characters but 2...

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