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Over all I think D3 is a fairly good game. I like the graphics and game play is very familiar (in reference to D2), however my Biggest Frustration is the Magic Find system.

I play most of the time SOLO. I farm over and over Acts 1 thru 3. After all this time (since the start of the game) I have never found a godly or "end game" item. The MF system just feels broke and un-rewarding.

I can go weeks before a Legendary drops and as I stated earlier, not once has it been a great item. The best item to date was some belt I sold for 2 mill. The other part of the MF system that sucks, it seems too inconsistent. Can't tell you how many times I have killed a Elite or Champion with great MF and I only get Blues...... it's like the MF system is broke, all that matters is the 5 Stacks of Valor.

Also, there is no sign that MF improves "quality" of items dropping. When I farm Act-1, I put on ALL my MF gear and being 22 lvl Paragon, with 5 Stacks, I am well over 325% MF. I get a item lvl-63 in Act-1.... now I know they are really infrequent in Act-1, but I still had my hopes up as I am running with over 300% MF. Well, I ID the weapon (or armor) and get very disappointed. Garbage.... just sold it back to merchants.

I could go on and on with other examples where I believe the MF system is seriously flawed; so I will just end on that note. MF system in D3 really sucks!
I agree, it sucks that I can go weeks without any good gear, makes the whole game unrewarding and pointless. And when a legendary does drop I can't even use it or sell it, so i have to shard it.
So.....why are you farming anywhere besides A3?

Every item I've found or my friends have found that was actually worth something (let's just say over 10 mil) has been in A3 exclusively.

There's literally no reason to go anywhere else (Whimsey is debatable).

They're slowly addressing this problem... 'slowly' being the keyword.

I'd give it about 3 more patches before the "thrill of the hunt" in this game becomes rewarding. They cannot continue to ignore the community... or can they? hmm this game might be dead by next year
Working as intended. You want the best gear, you have to play the hardest areas with max MF.

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