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The only reason I'm really open to the kill chain theory is because of the presence of the EXP chain, but I'm also of the mind goblins are a terrible mob to be testing with because they're literally different than any other mob in the game when it comes to getting drops (In that they don't have to die to actually get loot). They're also what I'd consider "higher than most" when it comes to base MF values.

Were I to apply this step, it would be in the MF phase of the "flow chart" I first explained. How it could happen can vary, either as more hidden MF (1% per kill? 10%?) or literal flat range expansion, like 25 kills expanding the range to 1-26 instead of the default 1. The latter favors lower starting drop rates, while the former could also give the impression that legendaries drop more since even a 25% boost would increase those odds by 1/4 assuming no truncation of decimals (and also why Goblins would seem more "sensitive" given their higher starting state). I've done some painfully long posts in the past here about getting certain items with certain mods are like a 0.00000x% chance, to wit eyeballing something like this would be extraordinarily difficult. I can understand that "feeling" of wanting to find an answer, especially if you feel like you are on to something, but again, we'd need more to establish some kind of basis. For now, I'm content with applying Occam's Razor since even knowing of such doesn't really help lesser geared players any, and they're the ones who need help with getting drops the most.
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then you're treating a Lamborghini worse than I would treat a Ford Escort

@Saidosha :

Touche. Even if it were true, the process of proving it, and enduring the effects would only further damage the economy.

I think it's worth them considering, just in case it is true. Because i believe it is.

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