Rate the monk above me part 4

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Thanks Tuna, will start the grind and safe up! Will make the changes you recommend! OH what mantra would you guys use in a group? I usually group with a barb.
Very nice. I'd only suggest getting a helm with a socket so you can put ruby in there for extra experience. Maybe increase critical hit chance a little if you can, I think that would make your dps go up a bit.
Interesting group monk you have there Morve. I would suggest getting more crit chance and life steal perhaps? Other than that, you've got a solid Monk build going there for you.
@ Morve

I personally think that you have a good set up. I rarely ever see Monks use MoR when MoC has a rune that acts like MoR. But from what I have gathered from various posts and profiles, I would agree with Tuna if your wanting to do higher MP levels when 1.0.5 comes out. Good Monk otherwise!

Hoping someone will rate my Monk. I just hit 60 and looking for some advice.
Note: I use my own drops and I base my build around dodge. My profile hasn't fully updated last I checked. It said that I have 4.4k dps, when I have about 9.3k dps. Just a word of warning.

Your monk needs some work... I would start with AH you can get atleast 50kDPS for under 10m baybe under 2m
Hey what about me? no advice?
@mega You have excellent damage and movement speed..Im sure you kill so quick that your low vitality doesn't affect you much..9.3/10 but next patch you might have to alter your build.
You are pretty solid all around but I would up your Vit up a bit so you have about 31-35k life. You may want to drop STI for another passive b/c of the upcoming nerf. The amount of +armor you have ridiculously high, so props for that. 9/10!

Thank you but I'm not using the AH for as long as I can. I use my own drops and things from in-game vendors. Also, I'm nowhere near 2m gold, let alone 10m. And I JUST hit 60, Im not even in Inferno yet.

@Lastpulse: LOL! I think you and I had the same philosophy, just opposite stats. I'm trying to break into the top 30 monk resist and I've recently started to stack +armor for 1.05! Congrats on your DPS as well, as I'm trying to break into the 40K unbuffed! :)

Nice monk! Good DPS, good survivability. Very solid build. I bet its fun to run!
No advice for this guy <----- eh? :P


Solid tank you got there. I would suggest getting a 3 soc chest and 2 soc pants for more opportunity for more life. Also, getting Life % with your shoulders would also increase your health as well.

hehe, I can't run much with my speed, but I sure can hold a group of monsters and be the last man standing! :)

Wow! I don't think I've ever saw anyone with that much health! I bet you too can last a good bit in the middle of an elite pack!

Nice monk. What is your CD at? You have great CC so just make sure the CD aligns with that,

Any tips on mine would help - I need some MF
I got skipped any advice I got 20mill
@ Raekownz...link your profile

@ Daddalitus,

Very solid build. I wouldnt worry about more MF tbh. Id also like to see, in all these responces, a link to your toons d3up.com profile so that advise/recommendations can also be made on EHP.

mine: http://d3up.com/b/36084?resync=true
@ Edward, that's a nice and a very solid Monk, I don't know what to criticize you, that's pretty much what I want to accomplish with my Monk, I want to hit the 100k dps but I want to keep res at 600+ and vit around 35k, which brings me to my question, any advise to reach 100k dps?, keep in mind that I am ONLY willing to change my shoulders, Ammy and Bracers, the rest must stay.


@ghost dude that chest n shoulder gotta change....step on them and throw them away
u can get way stats with cheap amount of gold.

Please let me kno what i can upgrade that is worth upgrading to give me the most improvment.
Iam willing to give out 10mil gold to someone i think can find the items that i can upgrade with decent price。 i have around 1 il and got 100 radiant amethyst for 6.3mil a pop, wait for 1.05 when the price will skyrocket cus ppl will change their exp gem from helm to hp gem for hellfiring ring farmin at mp6+.

Again i will give out 10mil to who can find me the est upgrade from AH

EDIT: IAM looking for high sustain items maye more resist, more ehp and improved dps
i also think i need a new glove. and also dont mention amulet and rings since i kno ill upgrade those after patch. I am looking for really good upgrade for a good price too. I will invite the person who helped me the most and hand out a sweet 10mil gold. I am looking for multiple upgrade and i kno there are a lot. THank you very much!

Id love to get some information from someone who cant actually help and suggest things, not someone who is going to tell me that my items suck and not tell me what to replace them with.
Thanks Omega'...

As for getting you over the 100K hump. Id look at Vile Ward shoulders for the extra dex and for an Ammy - look for one with +/- damage. Notice how all my jewelry has that stat. Thats the easiest way to get extra DPS without looking for higher base damage weapons.
thanks, I noticed that most of the 100k dps Monks use the vile ward, I just avoided it for its ugliness, but I guess that there is no other choice, every high DPS Monk uses it, no doubt it's the best shoulder there is for Monks
I'm still new to the game, I'm trying to get an inna helm for my monk atm. is there anything I could do to improve my monk?

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