Can I get BANNED for this?

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As CM Wiz I spam Frost Nova, Explosive Blast infinitely. So much that I will get arthritis if i play more than 20 minutes a day.


For example, I would like to just hold down 2 or 3 to spam my spells as opposed to mashing keyboard furiously.
I doubt it will get you ban. Some mouses/keyboards come with macro like that anyway.
Has there been a blue post on this?

Also, do I use a third party macro program like AutoIt to set macro?
How else could I do it?
Autoit is a gray zone, use it at your own risk. I would advice not to use it though.

and no, blue will never answer question like this one.
great post op

im going to use this against every dumb cm wiz! LAME!
btw waist of wizz will die 105...and those that survive it will die a bit later :)
there are 2 rules in the eula (from memory, not direct quoting):

no automation
no 3rd party programs

gaming peripherals with macros help with all games. its important that any macros you make are not performing tasks for you (record a typical run as a macro and let it loop). if you having to hold down a button that does things for you, you are no longer automating.

but they have that "no 3rd party" to basically let them ban for anything they consider abuse.

back in the day, many warriors on wow would put heroic strike on a macro key since rage was infinite and heroic strike on every swing was critical (recipe for carpal tunnel) and never had an issue.

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