Just went on the second act in oasis to the tepeorter to the sand cave (or how it called - I have russian version). Everything went fine - I faced a crows of noobs, started to fight everything fine.. And now I see that there appears that man how block with red circles around you. Ok I press right click to make run and smash the enemies and run away...and wtf!!! skill does not work!!! I changed it quickly to jump - it also did not work.. I was just blocked in a clear place where the green pillar strikes with spiders and no elite blocker characters.. While that all happened all the time for 5 minutes I had a red screen.. with words "I am seriosly hurt".. I pressed the potions.., all my cries was for health and defense.. Thanks to my passive skills - they saved me decreasing the damage.. so I just got the the health to maximum (slowly by hitting those always appearing small spiders) and then I just pressed "leave game" - they was not able to hurt me in 10 seconds..). I escaped..

That was my third hurt attack.. but before this one I'll say there were no!! Because before that I was not stucked because of some bug in game..
This time for these long 5 or even 10 minutes of red screen.. I was able to prepare morally for the death. But I was lucky this time and Bull Katos allowed to me to survive...

Hope the luck will be with you also..

Thanks god that I did not listen one gay who told me "You have too much health, exchange your items for more power, damage..".. NEVER!!! I will buy even more more more vitality and health regenration!
glad you're ok! there are several/many persons experiencing similar problems in-game (myself included) and several posts about said game failures.

Blizzard, where are you?!?
Close one man.
Dang I almost died twice today but I was down to about 5 percent health one of those times. Didn't have enough spirit to cast my invulnerability so i knew i was gonna have to get an attack in and hit invulnerability before they got 1 hit in. Got it off and got enough spirit to 7 sided strike them, somehow lived. immediately exited the game and dropped 200k on the AH.

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