Stats to farm on at least MP5

As the title reads what stats should I be focusing on? I noticed when I swtiched my IK chest to all STR gems I was tearing through mobs in MP 3. I know I need a better helm and pants as well as higher stats on vile ward.

What do you guys think should I go for more attack speed I seem to attack pretty fast already.
My gear really isn't all that great but I had no problems anywhere in MP5. I did start having issues w/MP6 act 4 though.

However…I'm lolwind spec and you are rend….
My gear really isn't all that great but I had no problems anywhere in MP5. I did start having issues w/MP6 act 4 though.
However…I'm lolwind spec and you are rend….

same, no prob with mp5, but mp4 is faster

10/17/2012 09:16 AMPosted by NYghost
i don't know what u mean by no problems anywhere in MP5 cause i have way better gear than you and im unable to do MP5 efficiently

link to profile ??
Mp5 isn't bad, certain packs can still give me trouble (same packs that did before patch) especially if WoTB is on cooldown. If it's not though I can down most things before the 15 seconds of god mode is up.
here you go

also, I think it is a combination of EHP and Life Recovery, if you are a little bit tankier, you can survive in MP5 or higher, just goes slower with the lower damage, so may not be worth it.
I have tried MP3-MP7 and like the balance of MP4/5 right now for efficiency, but may try MP6 (in coop?) if I have issues getting keys/organs for Hellfire Ring
I don't think you should have any trouble with your stats. I think you should try swapping out ignore pain and warcry for ground stomp(wrenching) and leap with the armor bonus. I think people underestimate the amount of survivability those 2 skills offer. Also, they work better in conjunction with rend and bloodlust. Rend is your lifeline with this spec, so you need to be able to apply it freely without getting beat on. Oh, and one more small thing--leap makes the game more fun.
I can do MP5 fine it just takes forever to do a run I am wondering how some people are doing MP6+ fast I know stats but is it attack speed, crit dmage, STR? I just want to do MP5 faster.
Thank you Jugabee I have noticed that those mobs with the arm thing do a lot of damage dispite my high resist with leap and stomp I can leap out of the way and not get killed I can't believe I did not think of that damn lol also morlocks the birdish flying mobs are annoying with no gap closers.
indeed only 90k dps with a 2 hander doesnt seem to be enough
and life is on the low side
What do players usually put in thier helms? and I would like to keep my life up so I don't get one shotted in MP5 or anything like that trying to find parts with all the dps stats AND VIT is a sucks because the AH never has any money is not the issue.
My buffed DPS is 121k so I would like to think that would be enough O.o
if you want to farm mp5 efficiently with a 2 hander, u are looking at at least 110-120k unbuffed dps
Ah ok thats a good number to shoot for thanks Gawdzilla.
I'm key farming on MP4 because MP5 took a little longer for me to kill then I'd like. I think once I get my first hellfire ring I'm going to go to 2-3 for faster paragon leveling/mob kills.
Something else you may try is Ground Stomp with Wretching Smash rune. The "suck in" from the rune is amazing with rend and the stun mitigates alot of damage. The stun will work on elites but not the "suck in".
I did a complete run in MP5 and my gear is not great. I died exactly 10 times. Every time I died it was the same issue - my WOTB went down on the final elite since I was not generating enough rage.

I don't know how you geared people are having problems, but MP5 is pretty easy, I just need to make a few adjustments to my play style.

MP7 was where I felt challenged, so I ran that for a while. Lots of fun. I died every other pack, but it was a blast.

MP10 was awful. I had to try a rend build, and it worked okay, but since I have almost no experience with rend I was not being efficient. I died 2-3 times per pack on MP10 and it took forever to kill them. WOTB was down half the time.
I started on MP3 last night and found that very simple. So the subsequent runs were on MP5 and I like that level. I'm not too concerned with "speed" farming really, I just enjoy the game, and the monsters exploding corpses! I found 2 legendarys in a couple hours also, Strongarm Bracers and Gladiator Gloves. I really like the 2H rend build (and other 2H variations). I'm sure I'll try WW someday, when I'm bored with this build. Haven't tried the HoA build yet, that sounds really cool too. Oh I did try MP10 too, that is hardcore dude. Took a while to kill just zombies in Act 1, even with the 400K criticals and all the bleed damage. They do hit very hard too. I'm going to stick with MP5, well maybe I'll try 6 tonight. We'll see... all hail the mighty barbarians!!!!
I can WW Act 1 MP5 and it's decently challenging, but these stupid damn enrage timers on end bosses.

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