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So, are we of the sun burnt country going to get royally !@# penetrated AGAIN like we did last patch?
Stopping us playing for, what was it? A week or so?
Or did they fix that up last time?
no idea mate, i guess we will have to wait and see.

however i didn't have any problems upgrading through the patches, i wasn't there from release but i was from 1.0.2 or maybe it was 3? i dunno i was a month late after release, and to be honest, it hasn't been that bad for me, the server restarts got me at one point early in the 1.0.4 when they were doing them like crazy but i was probably just playing like crazy then too lol.

I'm sure it will be a smooth roll out don't stress until it happens mate.
When don't we get raped, I have been doing some farming and haven't got a good drop for about 15 paragon lvls, this patch better make it drops better
what i hate is that i have a couple of hours good play (maybe) then i just can't connect to battle net error 3007 for the rest of the day. and i don't know why or where the problem is. it's killing my sense of fun.
i think it may have something to do with your ISP and location. I;m on telestra cable and i'm pretty close to cbd, so older area, well developed, and my connection is pretty good, can always connect when i want to, maintain pings of 200-400 with the occasional spike. The game is only unplayable when i hit 1500-2000+ ping rates which happen when i go over my limit.

any problems i have had with connecting and pings are rather rare and server restarts have not busted my gaming recently. So i'm leaning towards you guys having problems from multiple sources maybe (your side, ISP side and bliz side combining for epic rapeage). I would be leaning towards a location and ISP issue.

try not to let it get to you i'm sure you can hit some solid gaming soon guys, chin up and all that what what.
yea, and i hardly had any trouble or even lag issues but just before 1.05 came out it got seriously bad. i've been thru the support section, and did what was was suggested, but it hasn't helped.
As of the last patch(shiver) I emailed Blizzard about the issue and have been told it has been resolved for the next patch, I reminded them about it again last week and as soon as I know when 1.0.5 is def coming out(or close) I intend on asking again about it.

I pray that it will go smoothly.
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