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I'm not sure whether this is class-specific, or general to the fight, but when playing my demon hunter in Inferno, my framerate began to tank while fighting Maghda. When the fight first starts, animation is smooth and consistent. However, as the fight progresses, my framerate began to get lower and lower, until there could be a second between screen updates. I was using Vault and Caltrops constantly, and I had a companion, but my guess is that Maghda's ranged attack has a memory leak that compounds as the fight continues. As soon as I respawn outside of her lair, framerate returns to normal. Please find a fix for this- it's pretty much impossible to progress since I can't actually see how the fighting's going.

Edit: After some testing, and others' reports, it appears it's a problem with anti-virus software. Just disable real-time protection while fighting Maghda, and the framerate will stabilize. It's a stop-gap, but it works.
I have the same problem -- Inferno, Witch Doctor level 60(4) -- Radeon HD 6750 video card -- all other applications closed. Fight starts out a near normal speed, gets slower and slower as the framerate drops. After I am killed and reappear outside -- then I am back to normal speed. Does not seem possible to move past this. Thanks -- great patch otherwise -- Witch Doctor is now playable in Inferno -- no more die, die die and then die some more.
I am also experiencing this same issue. I noticed random FPS drops in other places as well (which is definitely abnormal), but a simple Alt+Tab seemed to fix that. However, this was different. I normally get 60+ fps (8g ram, gtx 570 card, etc.), but during this fight, I drop down to around 10 fps or so. It's horrible. Please look into this as I expect many others are also having the same problem. I already had to put my MPQ files onto a 16gb flash drive so that I could play without HDD stutter - how were issues as such not noticed in beta/pre-patch testing!??!

*** EDIT *** I believe this is most prominent during or after a cinematic. Someone please confirm this. And, as I stated before, an Alt+Tab has cured the fps drops on all other cases ASIDE from Maghda.
Came here to post about this. Same thing happened to me a bunch of times. Died every time because of it.

SnB Barb, Lvl 60, pLvl 5, Inferno, MP1

Framerate is fine in the rest of the game but during Maghda it gets slower and slower as the battle progresses. Latency bar stays green.
I've yet to have a problem with this game on default graphics settings. In a game, MP10(normal - new character) fighting Maghda and as I fight her, my performance gets slower and slower and slower to the point where I'm barely moving on my screen and I die. It only gets slower as her life gets lower... it's perfectly fine until I get her down to 3/4 life, then it slows down, then again at 1/2 life it's even worse. At 1/4 life, it's unplayable...

I've lowered ALL my video settings to virtually nothing and have NEVER had a problem even in huge mobs w/ multiple players attacking. Even after lowering all settings it does the same exact thing: as she loses life, the game slows down more and more. I tried 3 times. Also exited D3 itself and still the same problem.

Thanks for referring me here Kevsen. Hopefully the devs can look at this soon as it's definitly a function of the game doing something wrong...
I have the same problem with Maghda. I use a sapphire 6870 which runs this game just fine, I know I have a problem with my ram that not all of it shows up in the bios but it was all there when I checked, this was a bit of a disappointment with patch 1.0.5 I hope Blizzard can fix this soon.
Same here. I use a Nvidia 560ti (Driver version 306.97, i.e. the latest on Win7-64), and usually play 1920x1080, with max settings at 60+ fps. When I enter the arena with Maghda, it immediately drops to 60 (is usually shows ~110 just outside the arena), then it looks like each stage of the fight you go through (with her shielding), it drops again, significantly. By the last stage, my FPS drops to around 5-6. It becomes virtually unplayable.

I tried adjusting all the video settings down to their minimum (including vsync), and also tried switching off any Nvidia specific settings (like Adaptive Vsync). It made no difference. I also tried alt-tabbing out and in, and restarting the game client. Nothing helped.

This has only happened since 1.0.5, and I play a Monk, so I don't think it's class-specific.
Bump for this as the only reason I even came back to D3 was to progress through the game with a new character using MP levels to gear up. Can't progress due to this bug...
Had the same issue with Maghda framerates dropping to essentially 0 throughout the fight. Got through the fight just barely and framerates went back to normal right after leaving the Maghda area. Experienced this on Hell mode with a level 55 Hardcore Barb. Playing on a 2011 13" Macbook Pro.
10/17/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Calvin
Experienced this on Hell mode with a level 55 Hardcore Barb.


I'm glad you made it through and didn't lose your HC char!
Same problem here - Barbarian on normal
Same problem too, up to 10 fps on this specific fight. The rest of the game is 60fps
Wizard on ASUS G74SX - Geforce GTX 560M.
I'm going to keep an eye on this thread and am asking other people with reported issue to do the same.

Please keep bumping this until a blue acknowledges and/or hotfix is released for fix.

This is a gamebreaker for any character not lvl 60 and trying to progress through the game. I really hope it's not going to take 1+ weeks to fix this thing... this isn't just a small annoying glitch, like I said, it's a total showstopper for any character trying to progress.
I had a solid 60 fps before on my Nvidia gt 555m. Then I walk into the Maghda fight, and I'm at maybe 10 fps, and it gets slower and slower as the game goes on. It's literally unplayable; guess I can't get through the normal story mode until this is patched.
10/17/2012 08:09 PMPosted by Mordyth
I had a solid 60 fps before on my Nvidia gt 555m. Then I walk into the Maghda fight, and I'm at maybe 10 fps, and it gets slower and slower as the game goes on. It's literally unplayable; guess I can't get through the normal story mode until this is patched.

Same here. I started a WD after 1.05 simply b/c I never played one and b/c I just don't feel like trying to farm. It seems like with MP, you can actually gear up in a reasonable amount of time without the AH, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning. It's annoying that blues respond to threads with much smaller problems (things that can be worked around), but this is literally GAMEBREAKING for any character or new player trying to progress. I understand they're probably working with a lot... trying to remain patient.

I wonder if we started a new topic with a more significant title about how badly this affects progression they'd pay more attention.
same here - 5 FPS on Magda fight
50+ fps everywhere else!
Same problem with low FPS at second part of fight with Maghda. It's not so important cause of softcore, but i think it can be a very big surprise for those, who playing HC.
Same problem, extremely low FPS first encountered at Hell difficulty with my level 56 wizard. The lag starts jacking up once she starts summoning minions and it gets worse until you practically get 1 FPS.
I'm also experiencing this issue, only on the Maghda fight so far. The fight was unbearable... down to 1 or 2 FPS. My graphics card is an NVIDIA 650M with latest beta drivers.

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