Framerate drops in Maghda fight

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Itama's post was on the 16th of September. It's not almost a month; it's three days off being a month and a half. Considering that this bug pretty much stops your progression stone dead the silence and inaction we're getting on it is frankly unforgivable.
I hope blizzard read's these. I get 70-100 fps on average during fights and everything on my alienware laptop. I have an i7 at 3.3ghz and SLI 460gtx's. before the patch of 1.0.5 i had no fps drops. now the game is unplayable. I'll be playing for 5 minutes and my 70-100 fps will drop to 5-30 fps depending on what's happening. 5 minutes later fps goes back to normal, and repeats itself. Blizzard has not said one thing on any of the posts i've made. I know this is happening to many of you players out here and not just during the Magdha fight. I could be browsing the AH when this fps drop occurs. I have no idea whats causing it. During full load of D3 my temps never go above 75C so i know it's not an over heating problem. I have no doubt it my mind that it's blizzards problem to deal with. I have not done any driver updates to my computer since the launch of the game.

All i ask for is a simple response to the problem I have.

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