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Still no key for this DH. Thanks for the advice though.
The reason why I said do MP10 is because at MP10 with 5 stacks of nephalem valour you have a 100% chance to get the key when killing the keywarden. It's 10% per monster power except for MP0, in which it is 5%.
I knew that. I would have tried it anyway but MP 6 is the highest lvl for this DH. Its so hard to stack NV5 without dying > 5 times. i"ve been running around the Oasis now at MP 3. Keywearden gave me a brown fist weapon once but no keys yet. Went from (13) to (14) now. I've logged out and back in. I feel silly posting about this but I will try anything at least once. I appreciate the nice feedback.
Suggest key hunting with friends -- faster and more fun.
I saw your post to "Devote #6155" Have somebody do the work for you but accuse me of complaining. By the way I'm Whining>
The games RNG has a seriously crazy distribution. Today I'm 0 for 6 from Sokhar while running at MP3. Odeg, on the hand, has dropped 2 keys in 2 runs.
mp0 gives 5% chance of key, mp1 gives 10%, mp2 gives 20%, mp10 gives 100%

that should be all the information you need
Thanks. I've learned a lot. I'm impressed with the fellowship the inspires you all to advise me. I've looked at some profiles and tried to copy them with much success. Skills I never considered are helping me compete with elites. Optimism is there, though at MP 3 I'm still working on my first key. I've had to take breaks though. I try to stack NV5 and am usually successful. Is that a must?
Having 5 stacks is a must for any potential of a dropped key.
OK. I mostly have anyway, but have not always left him and come back to kill later. Didn't know. It is good that he stays put.
The jinx is broken. Got Key of Hate. MP 3.
I did 9 consecutive MP5 Act 1 key warden runs today with zero results except lots of vendor trash, brimstone worthy Warmonger and Fire Walkers, and increasing one paragon level. I took a break and retried about an hour later. I did 4 more Act 1 key warden runs at MP5 and got 2 keys. That's 13 runs total and 2 keys at MP5 where my magic/gold find are over 300% with 5 stacks. That's about an abnormal 15% key drop rate so I guess the RNG gods aren't happy with me today. It's all about the RNG gods... unless your able to do MP10.
I think your right. For every lucky person there has to be one of us. Sorry to Whine but it seems there must be something I'm missing. But just got act 1 key. I hope I get a good ring.
i just spend about 5hour at mp1 to 3 always nv5...and got f**k key..this is bull!@#$ those keys on top of that few friends join and they all got keys.... me is wrong
I got the Act 2 key on my first try, and then about a dozen or two tries later, I got a second. That was exhausting.
I have done MP3 today 4 times and got 2/4 for XP leveling. For gear drop and keys, I usually do MP6 and Act 3 drop is the easiest. Act 1 is fine and Act 2 is the worst in term of key drops. It is all RNG. Suggestion is to buddy up with friends and do MP6 or higher for keys and ubbers =)
Well, I'm not alone. Now I'm doing the Spire over and over to get the plans. Whats weird is twice Ive seen a Brown Light to the sky, but nothing is there when I hit alt. The light gets my hopes up, then nothing. I'm staying on MP 3 though to preserve the "fun" of playing.
Off subject a little, but how do you kill an elite group when they Reflect Damage? Any advice?

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