15 legendaries in 3 hours = CONTROLLED DROPS

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I have a feeling people are just used to garunteed loot from boss X....
10/18/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Dravirex
I have a feeling people are just used to garunteed loot from boss X....

Well, they had it in D2 for a reason.
People who are terrible on their luck could have a way to enjoy the game.
I played Diablo 2, and farmed more than anything else. That said I just wanted to add my two cents. Again I know how MF works, and I'm not claiming what the OP says is true; however after the last two patches my first play through produced two legendary's per after patch play through. Clearly this must be coincidence, and nothing else :p
I will add my own anecdote.

I've gotten 5 legendary drops since the patch, not playing as heavily as pre-patch. BTW, that is in MP 1 and 2, or even zero (leveling). I estimate getting approximately 8-10 legendaries for my total playtime pre-1.05 . That's not a doubling of the drop rate. That's a more than 100x increase for me. Note that I played more heavily pre-patch, too. Note also I didn't play immediately after 1.04 came.

Is it just a coincidental lucky streak? Sure, could be....
play total of 10hours 19 legend items a couple of keys

not controlled drops---skill=drops--

ie kill mob 30sec with 400mf=63 legend
kill mob 9 deaths 15min 400mf=noob whites

Man if some of you people put the time and effort into something more than a video game you could work for the governement in finding new ways to screw over the public without them knowing it lol. Amazing the effort put forth to fraim a video game company of finding individual players just to teach them a lesson. Possibly yes, likely no. Why would a company purposely try to get rid of the people paying for there games. The patch happened ,might as well get used to it until 1.06 comes out
I got my first legendary (burning axe of sankis) last night. I only got it in 5 hours of play in MP3, so i think the drop is fine
I dunno honestly, I noticed a big increase in Legendary drops before the patch too, I got 4 total on my wizard in 170-ish hours of gameplay, leveling up a monk a day or two before the patch I got 4 before I even hit inferno difficulty. Patch hits, I got Vile Ward the first night on my wiz and since have gotten not a single noteworthy piece of gear. Lucky? Unlucky? Who knows, but I honestly wouldn't put it past Blizzard to control drops as it could more than likely be done easily. But I also don't see that being the case, I'd have to stay neutral on the subject.
i got one godamn frostburn when i first started maybe day 3 thats it this is a joke
hmmm well if this is true they must have me on the 1-4 rolls, cause i have MAX +10% MF (385%) and i find a low end legendary once maybe every other week if i'm playing 40+ hrs. /wk.

although since 1.05 now i'm finding about 1-5 yellows per R or E pack. so guess thats something.
I felt that before patch the drop rates were same BUT some of my players noticed that monsters got more difficult. My theory is that - diff was specially increased so the 'feel of 1.05' would be more appreciating.

Don't forget - that everything is server sided. (: They can change it on the fly.
i aint even found a good legendary item i can use in my whole d3 life and you're complaining? why not donate to me? the only legendary items i ever found were the low lvls. like lvls lower than 20 items that are useless even at that lvl range...
05/26/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Bashiok
The auction house obviously provides an incredible service to allow for very easy trades between characters, and essentially blows out the wide range of items you could have available to you at any one time. So, in fact, the AH has to be a factor in how we drop items. On one hand you have a huge benefit because you can buy and sell items very easily, as opposed to having to post up WTS threads in the old USEast trading forums, but on the other end it does impact the item pool economy with the inherent ease at which you can trade items. If the AH existed but wasn't a factor at all into how items dropped/rolled, the economy would be completely tanked within a matter of weeks.

According to our friend CM, the drop in both quality and possibility of falling is controlled by AH ... That is, you may like mad farmer every day, if AH does not release an item he will not fall ... This is the reason I have stopped with this game, now just follow the forum in the hope of some change.

that best explains the drop after updates!!! With the server closed for hours the number of items in the AH decreases greatly. Ai when the game back, the drop is up there until the items from AH back to "normal" ....

excuse any english error
kkkkkkk 1 I just made this post and rolled one item set and a weapon with legendary both good qualities in less than 3 minutes.

also commented on various topics on the subject.

EDIT: my first set item in five or six months.
My friends loot legendaries all the time. I don't. Ever.

RNG my friends.

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