15 legendaries in 3 hours = CONTROLLED DROPS

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yea i believe you especially given how good your gear is
Another example how bad humans are with probabilites.

If an avarage player finds 1 legendary in 1 h its nothing special that 1 out of 100000 people will find 9 legendaries in 1 hours and also its nothing special that 1 person finds 1 legendary in 9 hours...

But useually those unlucky ones who find 1 leg in 9 hours cry louder, so people on the forum think that drops are bad and project this negative attitude on their own droprates.

Btw: Recently I found a rare item which I sold for 50 Mio. Its not always "the others" who find good stuff.

tinfoil is tinfoil
Retard is Retard
Me and my group of about 20 friends noticed the same thing. Prior to 141012 we had only 5 legendary drops COMBINE after grinding a3 almost daily for 3-4 hrs daily. Since 14th oct till today, we had between 4-6 legendary drops PER PLAYER.

Random? I don't think so.
i dont think you guys are asking the right question.

the REAL question should be why the hell would blizz WANT to stealth increase drop rates? Can you think of any answer as to how that would benefit them as a company?

Please illuminate me if you can.

My question is: How do you explain the large number of people who since day one have had a consistent streak of "poor drops" (as you call it) and have put in 100hrs+ into the game. I for one am one of those people. I'm not complaining, I still play on a regular basis. But admittedly it is frustrating. If we look a Ketchup's example of the coins, I agree that statistically and according to probability, if you flip 100 times, it is nearly impossible to get the 50/50 split. However, of those 100 times we could be safe to say that at least 10% would be one side or the other.

To take Ketchup's example to answer your question,
Let's say a very large number of people flip 100 coins.
Over the *entire* run of *all* those people, the number of heads flipped will be close to the number of tails flipped, as each individual flip is 50/50. How close to exactly 50/50 that will be will tend to get smaller as more people flip their 100 coins.
However, that does *not* mean that someone can't flip 98 heads, or that someone else can't flip 97 tails. There's nothing preventing it. And the more people there are flipping their 100 coins, the higher the probability that at least one of them will flip one of the lower probability runs (either good (lots of heads) or bad (lots of tails).

This does not automatically necessarily mean the system is not somehow rigged. It just means you can't take any particular single instance of someone being "lucky" or someone being "unlucky" and use it for evidence of the system being rigged.

(I think it is rigged, if only in the sense that, they took the mere existence of the AH into consideration when they set drop rates. They lowered them because they didn't want the AH to mean that everyone got geared up super fast. Which means that if you are running a no-AH character, it is going to statistically take correspondingly longer to find good gear. That's different that saying that they're actively controlling drops, though).
10/15/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Hazwiz
Because of this, you are not guaranteed any set number of Legendaries, set items, or rares within a certain period of time.

But there should be some kind of "min/max".. It should not be "by design" that one could play 300 hours or more and not have at least 1 set item. Or go weeks withouth a legendary. But.. whatever.

It seems we get overwhelmed with crap rares that take 3 seconds each to identify. (yeah, i know you are making it 1 second in the patch but no "identify all" option.. really???)

I don't mind the hunt.. but that means you normally end up finding something.

Gold would ideally be that "min/max" but it's unfortunately fluid due to being player-controlled sales compared to other games where you know you'd be able to get something from an NPC for 50 tokens or whatever.

Basically, an item's actual value will vary per individual. I could find something I think is absolutely godly, only for someone to think it garbage. I could try to give it a "godly item" price, and while others may share the sentiment of its worth, they may not be able to afford it. Times like this are when NPC vendors tend to be superior if not tuned to be too grindy because they're not influenced by greed, but in very rare cases, players may be able to negotiate even more affordable costs. That doesn't really happen with the AH, though. I've said it before, but the AH favors sellers far more than buyers because sellers aren't encouraged to offer fair prices due to a lacking posting fee. The 10 slot limit is not a real deterrent, especially now that we can remove unbidded auctions whenever.

Anyway, something I'd like to see is a full act clear, start to finish, would reward a unique/set/plan pertinent to that act/difficulty or earlier. Yes, this would leave A4 Inferno the quickest possible run, but it'd also have the widest variety of bonus loot since you'd still be able to see a low level legendary drop not unlike D2 and its loot system. And then said item, if applicable, would need to roll meaningful affixes on top. This would help people not WW barbs or able to grind plvl 100 in a couple days better feel like they're getting something out of a few hours of time. But I included plans only on the caveat that crafting sees a buff with the possibility gem creation costs get reduced. Yeah, I know, I'm EZ Modeing !@#$, but I log in to blow up monsters, not play AH Tycoon.
this sounds like the indonesian people at the casino.. talking about conspiracy theories from the roulette table.. like when 23 drops, 32 will follow.. neighbours neighbours..
Same bull!@#$ as

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I know items from each category ends like this:


and they have attached a secret code after , ranged from 1 to 9, 9 being a higher chance to roll top end affixes, while 1 being the lowest affix rolls.

You really think blizzard will take their time and search on each account who has good items and who has not, and thus will make the choice if they give you a higher chance of item dropping, just by pushing a on and off switch?
Man, thats farfetched.. like a nutty professor, who believes his own madness..
some people just want to brag about the drops they got.
Random means Random. Any prediction we think we can make, or pattern we think we observed does not influence the future... Random means Random.
Op is a hard troll. Odds they did what they claimed are out of this world.

Today I got 4 legendaries in 1 complete act 3 run. That is a streak. However the only decent one was a sunkeeper.

With mf and full clears the odds are about 1 legendary per 3 runs.

It is half that or less that they are high lvl legendaries, which is what the op is claiming.

Not claiming it is impossible, but that I would bet everything I own they are full of it as usual. Forum dwellers live for this attention.
WHO CARES ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THEM BREATHING NEW LIFE INTO THIS GAME MAKING IT FUN!!!! YOU Remember FUN not hard work waste of time i stopped playing up till this patch now im gonna play again!!!!!!!!!!! so good job blizzard!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, I play 2 at the same time. One got 4 legendaries in two act3 clears. The other got nothing. I know it'll average out over time.

Now there is always a possibility Blizz will mess with things, but that is extremely stupid if they do this because a disgruntled employee will eventually leak this and they will lose customers.
For the moment, 2 legendaries in 2 hours, then nothing during 1 month, then 2 legendaries in 2 hours again. ^^
Someone create a thread ---> Current Main items from? The current main character, all armament from where? Drops, AH or RMAH? Then will see wether controlled or not.

As for me all from AH.
I agree with the post, sometimes i play 12 hrs with no legendaries, and sometimes 12 legendaries in 2 hrs. its not luck. If u played a lot of hrs and cant get anything, just log-out then play later till your time comes around.
I have never found any set item yet!
After 9,188 elites killed!
Something goes wrong?
my best drops to date were while my account was banned...my weapon and mojo dropped while on wd. /random is /random.

i mean on forums i was banned...not in game obviously
HAvent picked up a set since first week of patch and the rate of legendary drop had shrunk to about 1-2 per WEEK! In the last 24hrs I pick up 2 legendary and 2 sets, and my mate picked up a set 3mins after me and we were in the same game. Something fishy going on lol

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