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I have searched for anyone that had tested this and found nothing, so I decided to try it for myself and post my results here.

First off, you DO get a bonus, including if you are level 60 building your Paragon rank levels.

I used the same gear for all 3 tests and same rank of Paragon Rank 6 at the time level 60 Witch Doctor with one gem giving 27% bonus XP and no gear adding XP bonus. Also, all tests were on the first mob in Act 1 of Inferno (best place to test with only 1 mob).

First test was on MP10 started with XP of 15,270,359 and killed 1 mob and went to 15,283,274 for a difference of 12,915 XP.

Second test was on MP0 with starting XP at 15,283,274 and killed the same 1 mob and finished with 15,286,925 XP for a difference of 3,651 XP.

Third test was on MP5 with starting XP at 15,286,925 and, yet again, killed the same 1 mob and went to 15,295,340 XP for a difference of 8,415 XP.

Seeing this, you do get more XP per MP level you are on. However, with my lower gear still, if you are just worried about getting your rank up, you might want to stick it out with a MP 5 or around there if you can fly through MP0 or MP1.

You get a good jump on XP without killing yourself or taking too long on the same mob. On MP0 I can one shot that first mob, MP5 it takes about 15 seconds, and on MP10 it took roughly 30 seconds. To me, the math works out great for MP5 over MP10 as if I killed 2 mobs on MP5 and took roughly 30 seconds to do it (usually faster with the locust swarm and pets) then I would get 8,415 x 2mobs for a total of 16,830 inwhich is better than the 12,915 I got for 1 mob and 30 seconds on MP10.

I hope this helps anyone wondering as I seen many posts asking if you got XP and people just replied with a simple YES. I seen many posts on the gear drops, but none like this on XP.

Enjoy and Play Hard.

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