Going for MP10. What do I need to do?

Witch Doctor
I know my gear sucks big time. I would be looking for the Zuni set, but which pieces to get, and what stats to look for on each piece? If it is not too troublesome, would someone help with other parts of the gear too?

I am looking at ZB and Manitou build (Monitou is hands free dmg) but not sure on build really, to survive in MP10.

Anyone on MP10 now? Perhaps I can take a look at your profiles. Many thanks!!
I did MP7 last night with 100K DPS and 400K EHP. It felt horrid. I'd say you'd need 125-150K for MP7 to do it comfortably with a good amount of life steal.

To do MP10, you'd need 500K EHP and 175-200K DPS.

GL, not many people have those stats.
OP unless you have a couple of billion in gold reserves or are planning to go full-on RMAH hero I would shoot for another MP level as your short-term goal.

MP10 is for the insanely geared, the groups, the crazy. And barbs.

Even running MP1 has a lot of benefit over vanilla inferno.
life steal Mana regen life steal life steal mana regen mana regen

pick two. MP10 is not gonna happen for you unless you have all that and 100k dps and 700ehp. Unless you don't mind slowly zerging, still need 100k dps. MP10 ain't worth it.
Add about 20-30k dmg to my gear and another 100 resist, that would work for mp10. Basically if i could get a crit based skull, a hellfire ring well rolled, and a zuni pox(ias/crit/res) ill have it.

Your wanting more like 140-160k for mp10 100k is a bad estimate. Mp10 does not kill me , though i run a bit slow, i also swap gi for bad medicine.
Roll a WW Barb.
You will get better results I bet.
Lol you watch 1 ww barb stream of like $4k in gear and you think ww barbs all work like that just lol...
No, i watched a barb with gear that had less stats than mine roll though MP10 like there was nothing too it. (Yes it was slow).

His stats were literally within 5%. 90k Damage, 480 EHP etc.

I know theres no possible way for a WD with those stats to run though MP10. So if that gusy gear was 4k, (then i guess mine is too) and i guess a WD would need what 20k in gear?
It's fair to say that my gear costs at least a billion and a half, and I cannot under any circumstances do MP10. I can, however, do it in a group. This group consisted of me, a monk, and a barb (not a WW barb even). We all have equal levels of gear. Every elite pack consisted of me spamming bears for a bit, then throwing some spiders and running for my life, the monk dying 5+ times, and the barb standing in desecrate not giving a crap.
My gear 5-600m able to survive MP10(I cleare keep 1-3) but take forever for elite pack.7-10 minutes in one fight is far from efficiency.

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