Mario Cart, pokemon, and WoW all rolled into1

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TL2 rofl, no thanks.
They're all fun games so I guess you don't like to have fun but instead, like to be bored with a game like D3.
Orks Must Die, Trine, Dungeon Defenders, WoW... Played any of these? All cartoony graphics and some of the best games around (Although Im not a fan of WoW, but its darn popular).

Games are about game-play and interaction with others (and to mind control them then make them walk off cliffs). You can have the best graphics in the world and no one will play it if the gameplay is bad.

I feel sorry for you OP. You must be part of the new generation of gamers. Your loss.

Ed - Here are some more: Alien Swarm, Teamfortress2, Magicka.

Maybe you won't like some of them. Well, they have huge fan bases. You can't argue against their popularity.

Now go play TL2 on the hardest setting and prove yourself wrong.
10/16/2012 01:03 PMPosted by notoriouskee
TL2 rofl, no thanks.

Nothing wrong to defend a game but it's also bad to stay close minded. In tl2 my main is a berserker, the fight usually goes for me like this; frenzy bar lights up - enter berserker rage - drop a battle standard - Howl - chain pull everything near to me directly - eviscerate/raze -watch enemies spraypaint walls in blood as they get exploded with overwhelming force; priceless. So far, i also died more than 500 times only on veteran, can't imagine elite difficulty. Beats the hell out of my old wizard's orb/blizzard kite and run sissy crap.
10/16/2012 01:03 PMPosted by notoriouskee
TL2 rofl, no thanks.

assuming this isn't a troll post (although highly likely)

How is TL2 anything like mario kart, pokemon, or WoW.

The visuals are nothing like WoW other than the fact they both have a simple art design to allow item models to appear in higher quantity due to the fact that realistic visuals take a lot more time for reasons that would take much longer to explain than i feel like.
Torchlight II has Go Karts?

Oh. It has none of these things.
I am disappoint.

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