Unequipable crafted item.

Bug Report
While playing my lvl 11 witchdoctor i decided to craft a pair of magic shoulderpads for said character.

First i crafted a set with dexterity +2 exp per kill another stat. These i equiped and continued crafting to see if i could make something more suited for my class. The next pair had Stamina and another stat +experience gain of 8. The set with dexterity only had +2 experience so i decided to equip the later set with stamina and higher +exp. Thats when I found that i could not equip said item.

After crafting and testing several shoulders I have come to the conclusion that any item with +7 or more experience per monster kill turns out to be unequipable for my lvl 11 witcdoctor.

Yours Sincerly

Ola Munteanu (Kaehler8)
Gain a level or two and you will be able to equip it.

This is a known issue that's already getting fixed.

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