Disconnected for Maximum input reached in AH

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Keep getting disconnected with the above message while scrolling through Completed Items list in AH.

Very annoying, only started today after patch.

Anyone else suffering this?
I have been getting that, but it was before the patch. Very annoying though. It also happens in the join game screen, so its menus in general I'd say.
This is still happening, grrr.

Cannot search through Completed Items list without being disconnected.

Hopefully maintenance tonight might fix it ?
This happens to me a long, it even happens in game but mostly just in the Menus
Ok, still happening.

Here's how it goes:

Open completed item list, scroll to bottom, click on show more items.

Repeat to see next page of list.

Start to scroll down to get to Show More Items, and about half way..

Disconnected "Input Limit reached..."

Arg, so can't go back to see older items.

Any one in Blue got a clue?

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