Skeleton King Bug

Bug Report
So, I ran into a bug with the skeleton king where, when he goes to do his 3 (or is it 4) swing combo, he doesn't animate the swings, the dmg was calculated at the the start, all at once for all 3 swings, didn't get stuck in the channel, and could immediately walk around after the windup

He'd one shot my WD if I didn't get out of the way (on monster power 3), where I should be able to survive one hit from the channel, and pop spirit walk to avoid the rest. It would insta-kill most of my dogs, which is normal if they took all 3 hits, but was hard to tell at first what was going on since he didn't channel the combo, he'd just do the windup and bam, they'd all die.
i've ran into the same problems...insta kill on pretty much any char. Its a pain when doing ubers
Yep, this bug existed since patch 1.0.5

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